Your kid’s school means lots of new friends. Which means lots of new invitations. Both good things. But holiday open houses? Mmm, not s’much. I guess the appeal is that you can duck in and duck out without the guilt but I’d rather commit to an evening and actually hang out with the people who are invited. And then, what to bring. It’s not a dinner party so bringing wine would be silly and it’s not brunch so flowers are out. Basically, something gorge-worthy but totally chic at the same time. Enter truffle amazingness. (I got scolded for using “enter” as a “transition word” at a magazine years ago, but they warrant that kind of intro.) I saw these in Food and Wine and immediately went to the Truffle Truffle website. Though the brand is heavy on the “Beer and Pretzel” flavor profile, this gift-worthy little box has spiced bark, snickerdoodle and gingerbread. Arrive, grab drink, set down truffles, mingle, grab drink, mingle, float out. truffle truffle