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I admit that I’m excited for the sleepover stage. And I mean the innocent kind where little ones eat pretzels in sleeping bags – and don’t watch “Blame It On Rio” at a friend’s UES apartment. (Bad!) Smiling Planet, the originators of whimsical – chic tableware are about to launch this sweet, water-proof overnighter. It’s so cute that you can stuff it with animals when she’s not on a little adventure or simply hang it on the door knob. Smaller tikes can even take it to grandma’s. And nope! Raunchy ’80s movies not included.SP bag

Princess plates can ruin a good looking brunch, c’mon now. For me, there is only one brand of tabletop for kids that is charming enough to be worked in with your Heath ceramics. And that is, non-shockingly, Smiling Planet. Charming, check. Earth friendly, obvs. Expanding into placemats, coming soon! And I hear that “fine china” is in the works, which I find very intriguing. But for now, you can place the sweet peace plates next to your Farmer’s Market dahlias and vintage silverware they’ll blend on in. And while brunch may not last long before a meltdown or a tossed scone, at least the table will look dignified.


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