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Let’s give it up for these $150 gorgeous, custom balloons. Well if you’re like me and want more than one balloon at your party, you can just do the math. That said, the tassels are reusable. That said, you better be throwing a birthday party each month in order to justify the buy. But they’re amazing, says my inner monologue.  This is about the time when I turn to my best friend, BEtsy, for some advice. And like always, she came through for me. I found a lovely shop called The Flair Exchange  that makes balloons that look quite similar. I mean, only a balloon aficionado would know the difference. And guess what? Reusable tassles. My inner monologue is saying, Well done.

My new thing is: When in doubt, Etsy. I mean, if you’re someone who gets off on the flea market, hunting-and-gathering mentality, then a massive on-line marketplace for all-things-handmade is the jam. When I first discovered it, Jon was out hearing a DJ, and I spent hours sorting and sifting through reclaimed cashmere for kids, knit leg warmers and leather masks for a friend’s wedding. It was the lamest night ever but I made a friend for life: let’s call her BEtsy. So when I couldn’t find any cute thank you cards in anticipation of my daughter’s birthday, I logged on, and found these, awesome, mason jar-esque cards. They’re cheaper than any retailer’s and she’ll customize. It was like a flea market score, without the creepy antique situation.

I am currently on a mission to find cool wall stickers for when Cleo moves into her nursery. In part, I need to cover up some holes that will be left from something mounted, but mostly, I’m not convinced we’ll be in this house long enough to warrant new wallpaper. But I’m kind of digging all of these decals on the market and it’s no shocker that Etsy is a wealth of groovy wall stickers. I found these awesome Rad Raspberry robots and if I had a baby boy, I would plaster them everywhere. Because I love me some robots. And yes, they could go in a girl’s room but I’m not sure they will compliment the British flamingo and the puffy cloud mobile?

We have a wedding in the mountains over Halloween weekend and are asked to “turn into your favorite forest creature” late night. What does this mean? What should I choose? Should I go more Eyes Wide Shut or Trick Or Treat? Sigh…Why is life so hard. For my kids, however, choosing a Halloween costume was easy. Gemma fixated on being a mermaid and while I got creative with Rafi’s last year (she went as Dancing With The Stars,) I will most likely manipulate her into being a flamingo or goldfish (costumes I found on Etsy for a Glo story.) But this Talc sweatshirt, offered in a different version every year, is like extending Halloween for months. Trick them into looking like a rabbit on every chilly day….What a treat!

***Also, I will be guest blogging for Lucky Kids for the next two weeks!

Upon trolling Etsy for a mask for a friend’s wedding (which will require a whole new post,) these dragon knit boots caught my eye. They’re unisex (a rarity) so they can be passed down from bro to sis and vice versa. Don’t be scared by the listing for a “crochet pattern for toddler cozies”. A DIY girl I am not, in fact knitting needles make me light-headed. But luckily the artist will graciously create your kid custom cozies (a word I will now fold into my fashion vocabulary.) And these ain’t no Uggs, so don’t even let your mind wander into scary territory.

Like many three year old girls, Gemma wants to wear a dress to everything. She picked out a J. Crew party dress for her nap (with tulle tiers, no less), a brand new Popupshop tee-shirt style for dinner (now covered in apple sauce) and a Liberty printed number that I found on Etsy for watching Elmo. That’s three wardrobe changes in one afternoon. She might as well host the Oscars. Ironically enough, her pre-school this fall has a “no dresses, no skirts” policy for the girls as the owner doesn’t want anything to be about the child’s presentation, just the child. And I love it. So we need to get our fill now. I’ve been obsessed with Honey Collection for a year. Everything is one-of-a-kind and organic cotton. And then come September, it’s peasant tops and fring-y jean shorts all the way, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Sometimes Etsy feels like the land of the unknown…..the all-things-handmade unknown, that is….But every now and then I trip upon a little gem like Brooklyn based artist Mani Mina. Her darling little handmade dresses, sometimes from vintage fabrics, are priced for less than $25. You heard me right. That’s cheaper than Gap Kids. Below is a style I adore….It has the sweetest flutter sleeves and fabric she sourced from France. But you also need to check out her blog, for her latest. The coolest part? She sells patterns and tutorials for adventurous artisans….


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