I am still riding high from what I am calling my happiest birthday ever. I had been regretting organizing and hosting a massive dinner party but when the night finally arrived, I was seriously on cloud nine, watching everyone mingling and chowing. It was a night where everyone rallied to get a sitter and just kicked back and enjoyed some adultness (some even enjoyed too much adultness.) Of course I arrived armed with only an Iphone, and being a Hipstamatic junkie, refuse to snap with another application. Back-track to my reading about this Andy Warhol IPhone case in the New York Times Style Section, which I immediately scooped it up like a big, fat victim. Now fast-forward to my party, where my friend Joby kindly explained that the case actually c*#k blocks taking flash photography, so you’re left in the dark. However, he did suggest that anything super hip requires a bit of suffering, so it really is in step with my life motto: form over function.