For some reason, I have a number of friends with babies turning one this month. All boys. I’ve already written about the cray-cray teepee that resides in my living room, but had I not temporarily lost my mind, I would have gotten Vilac’s lil’-bit-Western-lil’-bit-French style that actually belongs indoors. Friends with one year old boys, take note: an Indian headdress (for your viewing pleasure) and some pop-up books (for his viewing pleasure) will score you a strong five-minutes to yourself. Or maybe even six.
vilac teepee

As a former retailer, I am my own worst nightmare: I browse all main season long and then once sales hit, I pounce like a panther in the night. Stuff for the kids, sure, but mostly, for moi. The little ones scored some floral Stella McCartney rompers and glitter sandals that kill their feet. I snagged a weird Christopher Kane “flower anatomy” sweatshirt and Ancient Greek Sandals x Carven knee-high “banana” gladiators that I’ll probably wear once. I am also eyeing these very wearable Preekka sandals for all of us but sadly, sometimes the good stuff stays full-price. But no mattah. They’re the perfect simple style to team with a severely marked-down Isabel Marant linen dress (and Stella rompers to boot).preekah kids

In lieu of a cancelled trip to London, we’re planning an epic ten year anniversary trip for next summer, making me reflective about both my marriage and my actual wedding. I believe the big event would have been quite different had it happened in my thirties. It might have been at San Ysidro Ranch. I might have worn Chloe. The bouquet might have been wild. And my in-laws guest list might have been cut down by 90%. But I know that my cake would be from Stone Fox Bride, and would look like this. I know. I might have turned country! But it feels right at this point in my life, as does everything else.
stone fox brinde

I haven’t written in a while, mostly because I’ve been feeling really introverted – a quality that only seems to intensify over time. But today I wanted to post about both Darcy Hemley, one of my favorite family photographers, and also a life-changing moment I had. Last Saturday we shot at Desconso Gardens, which is more organic and much less manicured than most. It’s the perfect lush backdrop for the vintage yellow train that runs through the property, weaving families through wild roses and swaying lilacs. Well. This is part two. Those who know me also know that I contact psychics and mediums on a regular basis to connect with my dad who died years ago. Today my gal told me (along with other odd things), that my father showed her “a train and flowers,” and assured me that he was with us the day we took pictures. For the first time I feel certain that he is still in my life. And these photos will serve as more than just a memory of a beautiful day in the gardens with my family, but also one that was shared with my dad. VtP3EKUtp0V7jjAq18B2PboR7PDvZVVA8qthpxztsNg

If you have kids in LA, it’s safe to say you’re familiar with the term “glamping.” We were thisclose to doing it with some friends this summer but now I’m so glad we’re not because I discovered THIS PLACE: a 576,000-acre wild horse reserve somewhere in Nevada. It costs a small fortune – this, I know. But for something. I mean! There are over-sized hand-painted teepees, butler service and in-tent spa treatments. And most importantly, I don’t think they have Native American Beading and Mocassin classes at the Santa Barbara place. Booooook.kristi-johnson-41-d

Most people in my life know that I suffer from severe anxiety and like many, it sky-rocketed after I had children. So last week on my birthday I gifted myself a low-dose prescription of a popular SSRI as well as a four day intensive course in Transcendental Meditation. Attack it from all angles! said my therapist. After an emotionally tumultuous few weeks, being surrounded my some of my dearest girlfriends was actually just what the doctor ordered: a shit load of laughter and a whole lotta warmth in the comfort of one of my favorite LA spots. Below, the Delfina Delettrez pink sapphire knuckle ring that I was lucky enough to have received from my husband. Hopefully my man will be able to suffer my wrath for many more years as we celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. And I might even be able to levitate myself to dinner!

Mother’s Day has officially turned into Christmas with all the gift guides, scroll-through galleries and limited time sales. The pressure! On the dads! But I like it! Clearly the thing to give this year is a gorgeous luxe gift box, potentially stuffed with linens, jams, candles and some kind of bouquet to boot. This one from Summerland is for a true LA mama, serving up all the delish essentials she would ordinarily be buying at the Sunday morning farmer’s market, but will be delivered to her door instead. Yup! So she can stay in bed…which is the actual gift, natch.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas and mamas-to-be!


I’ve had “Let It Go” in my head for the past five months, so I’m deciding to change shit up. When I heard that Walter Martin’s “We’re All Young Together” features people like songstress Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I was like, S’ya, Menzel. I don’t know how to describe the music…soothing, silly, serious…let’s just say there are some cool background tunes for art projects and piecing together puzzles. And the best part? You won’t have to reach for that shotgun.were all young together

In the spirit of last night’s Met Ball, I wanted to post about one of my all time favorite accessories: le turban. When I discovered Wild and Whimsy‘s beautiful velvet versions for wee ones, I scooped up one of their sapphire headbands within seconds. And while she teamed it with Marc Jacobs rather than Bobochoses, Kate Moss once sported her own golden version to the aforementioned gala. The moral of this post is: it’s never too early to start angling for that invite.wild and whimsey


I just got back from a 36 hour jaunt in Phoenix with m’old college boos. We had one full day there and it poured. In the desert! In April. I’m just sayin’. But in the spirit of a Girls Weekend we logged in Yogalates and spa treats, and then I put all of them on Instagram before our very chez sushi extravaganza (fact: Arizona is like Vegas – I didn’t know this!) And before the seaweed arrived, I was giving a filter tutorial to six special ladies. Let’s just say everything from red-eye group shots to camel toe was posted. Below, the new version of the beloved Poloroid, which can truly never be replaced by an app. Insert Emoji icon of your choice here.58013855us_14_f


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