• Home Sick

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    This week I found my dream home. It’s white, traditional, was built in the 1930s and has all the elegant, original details from the decade. It’s creeping with pale pink roses and crisp ivy and has a perfectly round patio. But it’s on...

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  • Village Voice

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    I grew up in New York but have been in LA for thirteen years. Over time, my mom and my brother have moved out too and my East Coast friends have slowly left the city, save for my hedge-fundy pals...

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  • Dually Noted.

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    My second grader, Gemma, has fallen inlove with the written word. At first, she was popping out of bed at midnight with ideas for her short stories, and now she’s obsessed with creating an anthology of poems. I recall how...

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  • Hyper Active

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    This arrived on my doorstep on a day when I was feeling really meh. I seriously thought that if I just got my car washed, life would be better. I got it washed and somehow, nothing really changed. But later...

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  • Clutch Moment

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    The birthday circuit. As many of my friends approach 40, there are lots of parties to go to, lots of gifts to buy. It’s like when everyone got married at once. But now the questions are: when do you spurge,...

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  • Ooh, Take a Burn

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    The other night I was cooking dinner for the kids while they were watching Liv & Maddie, their new obsession about two highschoolers, when I singed the hell out of my hand as I went to grab the pan. Though I screamed at...

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  • Time Warp

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    Living with my eight year old is like living with a senior citizen. She might be the slowest person on Earth.  She gets so immersed in whatever she’s doing that it takes her an extra hour to…put her sandals on…brush her...

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  • Afrique Freak

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    Once upon a time – meaning one year ago – I wrote a pilot and in it, there was a fashion shoot in Tangier, a destination I’ve always, always wanted to visit. When I researched hotels for the scene, I...

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