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Attention crazy-ass gift-givers: I recently found these Into The Wild baby mocs and thought, what a blessed gift for a newbie. They have all all the elements that I look for in a first pair of shoes: a wrap-around leather strap, a Native American flair, and a peacock plume. Perfection. Get a pair for your coolest pal’s bebe and watch them dangle while she’s toting him or her around. Plus, these aren’t gender-specific so they’ll last beyond the first kid. Especially because noone is actually walking in them. intothewild

Chris Rios, a very cool mom stylist at Sally Hershberger introduced me to my latest obsession: Kid & Coe, a site that features family-friendly residences from places like Lake Tahoe but also Tel Aviv. And while I can’t vouch for one of their properties (yet), I’ve been speaking to the lovely owner of a mini-paradise in the Cotswalds for a potential add-on to our summer trip to England. (See below for an example of a gorge London rental). Let’s just say that if I knew how to make those heart icons things, I would.

***And! Now that I am Instagram-happy along with every other narcissist, I invite you to join me (Zoe Schaeffer) for more cool-mom-fun and finds. #needtobevalidated #artdirectyourlife #pleaselikemyshit #butitsreallyfun!


I was down for the count with the stomach flu over Valentine’s Day so this is my “love” post. Well, it’s actually a “love back” post. Last year, my sis-in-law turned me on to Milk + Bookies, an extraordinary and very necessary organization where children donate books to peers who don’t have bedtime stories of their own. Now that my eldest daughter is reading up a storm, the notion of giving books to children in need could not be more poignent. Plus, when you’re contemplating your kid’s next birthday party (JAG Gym? Nahh. Coach Samir? I don’t know…) well, here’s your easy answer.  And finally, while cruising the website I noticed these limited edition Marc Jacobs “Future Philanthropist” tees which speak to me on yet one more level. Doing good is a good look. And that’s not a bad life lesson, either.futurephilanthropist-front-325x360

I’m late to every social media party. Basically I arrive when the crowd is leaving. Yesterday I joined Instagram which felt exciting and not-so-monumental at the same time. My first picture? A very styled shot of my two year old, Cleo. Does anyone ever post anything that’s not art directed? Even Amanda Brooks’ cows look…Below, some amazing wild flowers from Flower Girl NYC that I can get behind for Valentine’s Day, which look very much like a gorgeous, styled Insti-shot. “Like”.flower girl nyc

For years I’ve been obsessed with this multi-purpose balm from Organic Pharmacy and now that the weather is “cold”, I’m breaking it out again. It’s worthy of any on-the-go mom who wants to stay somewhat polished because it can be smoothed on nail beds, dabbed on cheeks, patted on eyebrows and rubbed onto lips, obv. It’s small, it’s pretty and you can easily toss it in anything from your Givenchy bag to your Claire Vivier daytime clutch (“impersonal you,” that is). Plus, it’s all-natural so you’re wee ones can pat it on chapped skin that can even occur in 63 degrees.The-Organic-Pharmacy-Rose-Balm-10g_b2

One of the coolest places to buy art is Art Space, a curated marketplace that sells commissioned works by famous artists. I’ve been known to troll it from time to time and have discovered some great new names. This Mario Testino photo reminds me of my old store Presse, with its walls lined in framed images from French fashion magazines (which now hang in my home office). Miss Moss, who serves as the ultimate fashion inspiration for all mamas, turns 40 today. Happy wellies and hot pants!
mario_testino artspace

When in doubt: Dance Party. I’m not the first to have them and I certainly won’t be the last. My signature moves are usually a blend of boy band, interpretive and fist-pumping, mixed in alongside a few choreographed steps with the girls. Newest necessity: Jam Box! It makes playing Lana del Ray re-mixes in the bathroom that much brighter. Minis are the bomb too. (Both speakers and people).

Happy New Year, peeps. Which means there are lots of fake resolutions to jump on. First up, everyone’s requisite: get healthy! While I’m anti-resolutions, I am pro-getting healthy. My latest obsesh is with my new local juice joint, Juice Served Here, who is no joke. The owner taught me about “fillers”  which pretty much populate the majority of green juices on the market (to name a few: cucumber, celery and romaine). Then I met their “01” juice. Jam-packed with Chard and Collards, it’s not easy on the taste buds – I won’t lie. But it’s a great palette cleanser to rid yourself of that New Year’s Eve taste-in-your-mouth. And they deliver all over LA. Cheers.


For the past three years this week has been particularly festive for me since my third daughter was born on December 30th. Given a choice between the 30th and 31st – which are clearly both shitty birthdays – I chose to let her have a double dose of party for the rest of her life. Not that she’ll be a party girl or anything. This sweet glitter confetti from Catbird in Brooklyn sums up how we will be celebrating her day this year – with an intimate get-together and enormous cheer. Happy birthday, my sweet Cleo!web_CATBIRD_41_008

I’m a total psycho when it comes to shopping. I’ll stalk a high-ticket item all season and then pounce on it once the price drops. As a former retailer, I am basically my own worst nightmare. It’s a gamble every season but you know – I win some, I lose some (won: Balenciaga “Join a Weird Trip” baseball jacket. True.) Lately I’ve been on the jewelry hunt. Just thoughtfully browsing. And although these Holly Dyment rings (my latest fixation) will never be an end-of-season kind of purchase, I can still covet. Because luckily at the end of next season is my birthday.
holly dyment


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