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I’m a total psycho when it comes to shopping. I’ll stalk a high-ticket item all season and then pounce on it once the price drops. As a former retailer, I am basically my own worst nightmare. It’s a gamble every season but you know – I win some, I lose some (won: Balenciaga “Join a Weird Trip” baseball jacket. True.) Lately I’ve been on the jewelry hunt. Just thoughtfully browsing. And although these Holly Dyment rings (my latest fixation) will never be an end-of-season kind of purchase, I can still covet. Because luckily at the end of next season is my birthday.
holly dyment

Time for teacher gifts. Ahh, the choices. How many apple themed finds can the sites serve up? Pass. So if you happen to find yourself with a groovy teach this year, these monogrammed Baggu pouches could offer something new. The bag company teamed up with Flat Vernacular, the Brooklyn-based all-things-sick-for-your-walls company and came up with this funky alternative to Claire Vivier clutches. I am in the process of a custom order myself (see some examples below.) You can throw in your IPhone, lip stain, anti-bacterial wipes and car keys, and they can toss in their teacher-y stuff. And while the style harks back to those graffiti tees from the ’80s, there’s nothing wrong with bringing it back a bit.

I love finding the perfect gifts for friends and family but I despise – no actually I di-spise – wrapping them. Mostly because I appreciate a nice wrapping job so effing much and I am just so bad at it. My newest obsesh is with re-usable wrapping cloths. This gorgoeus Kelly Wearstler-y number from The Souvenir Society would make any special book an even more thoughtful gift. Imagine: a first edition find for your intellectual father or a chic coffee table tome for your stylish bestie. Either one is looking lovely when swathed in a kelly green 80s-looking scarf. And finally. I will leave you with words from my youth: Rhymes so loud and proud you hear it, it’s Christmas time and we’ve got the spirit.
wrapping cloth souvenir society

School runs require comf shoes – especially when there is more than one school for which to run.  Next year I will have three different stops. True. Searching for a chic flat isn’t a hard task for many but since I gravitate more toward heels and sandals, a great-looking slipper is a super score. I’m scooping up these Del Toro loafers (they’ll arrive in March) for the Spring time zippity-doos. del toro

A gifting season also means a thank-you note season. Last night I trolled the Felix Doolittle website like a world-class pyscho, mostly because I became obsessed with all the sweet little images. These lovely hand-painted cards make the perfect thank-yous while the amazingly elegant monogrammed versions are a beautiful gift (there’s still time!) You can make either one a thoughtful way to lure your child into learning how to write a proper thank-you (no, you can’t just beam your gratitude into someone’s mind, Generation Z.) Pick up pen and put to paper. You’re welcome.felix doolitle

Crystals are so ’90s but not when they’re lodged in a bullet. Unearthen’s sprouting styles house everything from phantom quartz to ruby and are small enough to sport on the daily. I’m far from New Age-y but there is something very grounding about wearing a semi-precious stone around your neck. My daughter spied these online as I was scrolling through my daily sites – she thinks they look like lipstick. And lipstick they are not, but might they give you the same sense of completion?
unearthen necklaces bonadrag

Even though Macaroon is four years old, a few requests prompted my first official Holiday Gift Guide. I can’t promise that shipping won’t cost more than the gift nor can I swear that stock will be plentiful. But that’s what you come here for, right? Smiley face.

For those of you who celebrate Hannukkah, get a move on it. And Christmas mamas, you can get a jumpstart. Hope you find at least one treasure in the mix. Happy holiday season, friends!

For the girl who just wants to show off: Tattly, whom we all know and love, offers gift sets for $25 a pop that are arranged by theme so that you don’t have to get carried away for an hour at a time. Below is the “Zoo Crew,” a solid pick. I’ve also bought the “Monster Set” for little boys which I’m told is a hit.


For the child who gives everything his own twist: These Tim Burton designed playing cards are too cool to pass over. Whether he wants to simply carry them around, make up his own game, or use them to decorate his room (which gets my vote) they’re an easy add-on/stocking stuffer.

tim nurton playing cards

For the baby born into a super chic fam: This Deuz play mat is graphic enough to double as a wall hanging though I’m sure that Baby (insert stylish name here) will enjoy getting his bird’s eye view photo taken for Instagram even more.

organic-playmat-pink smallable

For the kid whose jean jacket looks way too plain: I’ve been obsessed with these Macon & Lesquoy pins and patches ever since I spied them in Hollywood’s Lost and Found. This fringed bird is a good one to kick off a possibly never-ending collection. *Warning: You might have to break out the college french before visiting the website. Oh you love it.

macon and lesquoy pin

For the kid whose mom is a  total fuckin’ nightmare: I love me some Fire and Creme Kids decor and this Taurus Skull will be a welcome treasure in the home of a friend who feels the need to make her kid’s playroom into a giant movie set. P.S. I would totally get this if I had a playroom.


For the kid who cares about the environment because his mom told him to: My daughter wants this desperately but I think any little boy would go nuts over it as well. Order some gorgeous paints or pens and let your little one customize this crawl into-able Kids on Roof rocket ship.


For the boy (or girl) who’s as obsessed with robots as I am: I have a serious fix on Bearbrick robots  and yes, I’m admitting that it’s weird. I really like the way they look lined up against books as there is something very urban and arty about them. Sadly a lot of the 400% styles are out of stock because of their cult status. But you can start off his collection with these minis as there are enough of them to edit out the freaky ones (ie. top left.)


For the lil’ baker who watches on the sidelines as you make some messy grain-free bread: I found this retro Odette Williams apron on my friend Carla’s new website, Tiny Hollow and what can I say, it’s just freakin’ cute. If the wee one doesn’t actually get her hands gooey, she can pretend to.

Odette Williams Apron set Tiny Hollow

For the child whose mom can totally help with DIY projects: Please, noone get this for me. I don’t know how to freakin’ thread a needle. But lots of crafty mamas will benefit from this Donna Wilson “Make Your Own Crafts” book – just buy  some yarn and hit it.

Donna Wilson DIY book

For the toddler who can’t help but make a mess: These Lindsey Berns painter pants are a totally thoughtful gift: he can camouflage his splatter paint tee and sneakers with these artful sweats. Fun for girls too.

lindsey berns pants

For the girl who thinks that a 4 inch doll necklace should cost $70: This hand sewn necklace by Parisian designer Mathilde de Turckheim would look so cool over a sweatshirt dress or cable knit sweater. This is definitely one of those posts I’ll get shit for but you know what? Whatever.

Mathilde de Turckheim Necklace

For the little one who’s finally in a big kid bed: Introduce him/her to Paris early with this super chic pillow that’s technically not for kids but will zap the cutesy factor right out of that twin sleeper.

marine-peyre-paris-1-cushion yellow velvet

For the girl who likes cool art projects: I adore all crafts from Eeboo. I imagine that these DIY pom-poms will look ah-maze when tied to a hair elastic or sewn onto socks. I wouldn’t be afraid to decorate inanimate objects as well.


For the wild child: A fancy animal mask can get a lot of mileage. This one is one part party and one part dress up. I believe it’s for grown-ups but think about how cute that Mini Me will look at photo time.

animal mask

For the mild mannered little lady: Get her some new freakin’ table wear for pete’s sake. She doesn’t need no divided-into-four-categories plate anymore – she’s almost six! (This one is actually just a note to myself.)

donna wilson plates

For the sweet lil’ Pre-Schooler: They’re like sponges! This is my second time writing about this magnificent ABC Dream book. The drawings are exquisite and it might just be the most beautiful way to teach your tike his ABCs. Every home should have one.

ABCbook567 acorn toy

For the boy who lives in either Venice or Brooklyn: This Globe skateboard is super hip and comes in an array of rad shades. But I would also suggest knee guards, elbow guards and a big ol’ helmut if your kids are anything like mine.

Skateboard smallable

For the girl (whose mother) needs to customize everything: Since I am obsessed with Little Doe, I asked the designer to make me a pint-sized floral headpiece for my daughter’s fairy themed birthday. If you are also cray, ask her to make one in time for Christmas. (And by the way I know what you think of me right now.)


For the boy who likes some fancy jams: These Popupshop astronaut pajamas might be too cute to keep for bed time. Can you swap out the bottoms for jeans or the top for a tee? That’s your call. Either way, he’ll be looking good when he hits the sheets.

popup astro

For the girl whose mom is never satisfied: This shop on Etsy, called Rainbow Mittens, was only making beautiful little mits. I asked the artist to turn some of my favorite colorways into three different sets of leg warmers (because you know, we wear leg warmers a lot in LA) and voila: a new sub-shop was born. *I urge anyone who does not have a little dancer or lives in a cooler climate to check out her mittens, though.


For the boy who is super human: It’s a super hero bath towel and a cute one, to boot! Once unwrapped, it makes even more sense.

superhero hooded towel barneys

For the child who gets easily mesmerized: This DIY kalidascope from Seedling is as pretty pre-construction as it is post-construction. But little creative minds will get caught up in the process.

seedling kalidascope

For the lil’ dreamer: These astro/rocket/moon decals glow at night, turning his bedroom into a magical planetarium. By day, they will dress up that glossy white paint.


For the downtown diva: This Soor Ploom denim apron dress will look stylish on a little girl of any age. I see it thrown over a tank, a long sleeve striped tee, or topped with a fun necklace. It’s kind of a winner for all seasons.

ssoor_ploom-40 sweet william

For the future city planner: I’m also loving these “circuit” decals which can be placed on any flat surface. They’re totally great-looking and of course, mess-free.

magic decals OMY

I love this time of year! I hope you have a fun, stress-free time while choosing gifts for the little people in your life.

xx, Zoe

Whenever I buy an expensive magazine I am reminded of a “Different World” episode when a friend gets mad at Denise for buying an $8 Italian magazine when she owes her $20.  Like Manolo Blahniks, Euro mags were “cheap” in the 90s. And now, a Brooklyn-based mag like Cherry Bombe can set you back about 18 bucks. I have no shame admitting that I will happily plunk it down for a good indie ‘zine (I like a high quality paper from time to time!) and let me say this: foodies, entertainers and photography buffs alone will agree that this beautiful publication is totally worth it.  And it’s timely! You’ll want the Karlie Kloss “Perfect 10 Cookie” recipe after your kids gorge on Halloween poison. It will practically be like a cleanse. And we all know how much that can cost.cherry bombe

I started this blog a few days before my second daughter was born so every year around this time I am reminded of the funny little tidbits I’ve shared with all six of you over the years. Thank you so much for tuning into my banter from time to time. What can I say? I love alla y’all. Below, some really pretty cupcake glitter that you can throw on any ol’ grain-free/gluten-free/sprouted/vegan or of course, full-blown refined sugar cake. Happy birthday, Mac and happy birthday, sweet Rafi!martha stewart glitter sprinkles

This afternoon my daughter came home with a backpack that bore no resemblance to her heart print Le Sportsac with hand-made Peruvian keychain dolls and dangling glitter coin purse (it’s easy to identify.) Apparently it was our turn to take home “Diamond,” the class mascot. When a fellow mom saw that we got the stuffed horse she was like, “Oh your afternoon’s fucked.” And thus began the photo documentation and journaling process. Turns out Diamond watched me get in a fight in the parking lot of a party store, curse myself out while trying to carve two pumpkins, and did not eat much of her baked chicken at dinner. Hm. So clearly the message here is: be suspicious – very suspicious – if your child comes home with a totally different backpack. Below, a ‘pack I’d also love her to come home with – a Lecons de Choses “Rainbow” style in flaming red. Overnight assignment not included. rainbow-backpack smallable


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