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Every now and then you find a book that starts (what seems to be) an endless dialogue with your children. This clever, poignant story serves that purpose in our house. My eldest daughter was lucky enough to have Kathryn Otoshi visit her Kindergarten class and excitedly reported back that indeed, the author has “made the cover to her third book.”  We anxiously anticipate the topic that will be revealed in Two, as Zero and One speak about lessons every child should learn in his or her early years. Thank you, Kathryn, for this simple but extremely empowering message. To quote you: “All it takes is one.”One

It’s been a while – so hi. I’ve been working on a passion project of mine, a television pilot about – don’t be shocked: parenting. As you might have suspected, it wasn’t written for network, so there were plenty of f-bombs dropped. I still can’t seem to get it together in the lady-like department. These animal balloon kits represent how I currently feel after completing an exhaustive writing project: like there’s nothing fucking left upstairs. Surely now I’ll have time for more mindless activities – though I can’t imagine getting carried away for too long. air heads animal balloons a plus r

We took the girls down to Laguna Beach for a long weekend of surf and sand. And while we had a few middle-child meltdowns, the black-out shades that created sleep-induced comas, spontaneous “midnight swimming,” and unexpected princess pool toys made it a very fun get-away. But if you ask my eldest what her favorite moment was, she’ll vote for her first ever s’mores, courtesy of the hotel – which while lovely – was too resort-y for our taste. Next summer we will be having Brooklyn Slate Co’s “campier” and more gourmet version somewhere a little more quaint. Or maybe we’ll break it out for Labor Day and just find the nearest fire pit.


My friend Jewels said when her daughter turned 7 she officially left the “Disney” phase and entered the “ninja geisha” chapter. I was like, Bring It, and I’ll explain why: when I suggested powder blue Linus Junior bikes to my two eldest, they shut it down and went straight for the glitteriest pinkest shit in the store. I mean…there are bigger problems in life, I guess. But then I found these bike stickers from Scotch R’belle, one of my favorite kiddie brands. Slap that hand-drawn skull on the handle and all of a sudden you’ve got yourself one badass cruiser. And there’s even some glitter on it.

My good friend Kasey just had twin boys. But that’s in addition to her other two boys. Boom! The question still stands: what do you get twins when the family (literally – and I mean literally,) has everything? Answer: I’m still not quite sure but I discovered these all-different baby sets from Estella in New York. They piece a few complimentary items together for one big, bad, beautiful baby gift. Since newbies are well before the age of fighting-over-whatever, it makes sense to get one lovely set for both. And then you can just give the Sophie Giraffe cousin-thing to the dog (oh whatever, you know she already has 7 of those.) Welcome little Lems!
star-onesie-heart-blanket estella

My husband loves to tell me how he used to ride a Vespa in college and I always have the same reaction: Great, you were living in Palo Alto – not University of A Sexy European City. It’s like, the hot factor doesn’t quite translate or something (possibly because half of the world’s nerdiest people are concentrated in Northern California.) But there is something about a mint green Vespa that looks legit – no matter where you’re riding it. Below, a find for the under four set, found at Shak-shuka, which, not to worry, is based in The Netherlands. vespa shak-shuka

Last weekend I met my girlfriends from college at the Ojai Valley Inn for some good ol’ fashion girl time. We gabbed about horrendous exes, got lost on bikes, soaked in the jaccuz, and got tipsy on two whole glasses of wine (no this is not my party crew.) I shacked up with my bestie Natalie who came in from New York – the only one who didn’t leave little ones behind. Being whisked off to some private island in the Bahamas next weekend by a man she just met makes me want to live vicariously through her. It’s easy to forget how freedom can be so free-ing. Below, a super cool sleeper for different type of sleepover. It’s the kind where no one is talking about having broken up with someone because he “didn’t hail a cab with authority.” (True story.)sleeping bag thumbeline

My daughters went ape shit when they saw me flipping through a Met Gala slideshow on the Huffington Post. It was if they were in the presence of 113 real life princesses. Oh wait! That’s only Lauren Santo Domingo. Was that Belle? No just Hilary Rhoda. This post is an ode to the fashion fest that is blowing up in my home town because sitting in the pouring LA rain, I couldn’t feel farther away. I imagine that these Visionaire designer toys would sit nicely on the bookshelf, next to all our Fancy Nancies.vissionaire toys

On our trek to the Urs Fischer exhibit at MOCA (a must-see if you have children here in LA,) we noticed a thriving skate culture Downtown. It’s far from the groovy Hugh Holland Laguna Beach era, but it’s today’s urban LA at its best. This Isabel Marant board – sold at her boutiques – is certainly Melrose Place at its best. Put your little guy on it and let him  cruise down the gritty streets of Bev Hills. Later, skater.isabel marant heritage skateboard

Upon returning from the Sunday farmer’s market, one of the kids asked,  “Where’s Licorice?” Yeah the class bunny escaped yesterday. It was for a strong ten minutes and then we retrieved him on the side of the house that’s so skinny you have to grapevine… anyway, he basically defected to our front yard. My thoughts of being ostracized and then deemed completely incompetent dissolved and then I vowed to be a good Bunny Mom for the next week and a half. My replacement would have been one of these Chimeras bunny/bear hybrids, where you can  mix and match ears and limbs. At the time it seemed easier than having to shimmy across…Blah blah blah, well we found him.


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