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The style vibe that’s playing out in my house this year is that of the hipster variety (save for my toddler who basically wears a gown to school). The Bonpoint fairy has officially flown the coup. Right now it’s all about easy comfort: cropped jeans, metallic high tops, baseball tees and cardis. And what better brand to push the movement forward than one of my long-time faves, La Miniatura. Currently we’re loving the marbleized zip jeans and funky-as-hell tees. I’m choosing to post some boy styles, however, because I always imagined that if I had a son, he’d wear skinnies and raglan sweatshirts. But I’m just talking out loud, here. The take-home message is that kids can still look cool and be cozy. All they need is some fabric with stretch and a wee bit of attitude (see below right). No ditzy prints here.

la miniatura 2

As a former retailer, I am my own worst nightmare: I browse all main season long and then once sales hit, I pounce like a panther in the night. Stuff for the kids, sure, but mostly, for moi. The little ones scored some floral Stella McCartney rompers and glitter sandals that kill their feet. I snagged a weird Christopher Kane “flower anatomy” sweatshirt and Ancient Greek Sandals x Carven knee-high “banana” gladiators that I’ll probably wear once. I am also eyeing these very wearable Preekka sandals for all of us but sadly, sometimes the good stuff stays full-price. But no mattah. They’re the perfect simple style to team with a severely marked-down Isabel Marant linen dress (and Stella rompers to boot).preekah kids

In the spirit of last night’s Met Ball, I wanted to post about one of my all time favorite accessories: le turban. When I discovered Wild and Whimsy‘s beautiful velvet versions for wee ones, I scooped up one of their sapphire headbands within seconds. And while she teamed it with Marc Jacobs rather than Bobochoses, Kate Moss once sported her own golden version to the aforementioned gala. The moral of this post is: it’s never too early to start angling for that invite.wild and whimsey

For as long as I can remember, my friend Liz has been talking about creating a product to shove in your kids hair that would make it Marge Simpson-esque. Years ago, she demonstrated her idea for me with first-run prototype. Cut to: she’s selling it on Amazon! Perfectly coined “Pophead,” it comes in three punchy colors that are all different heights. We tucked my eldest’s wild waves into the tallest version and it was an instant hit. Girls who love to pile it on (meaning, everyone) will fancy the snap-in jewels coming out next month. Think Crocs, but way more glam, and for your head. Now that’s what I call a good hair day!

Attention crazy-ass gift-givers: I recently found these Into The Wild baby mocs and thought, what a blessed gift for a newbie. They have all all the elements that I look for in a first pair of shoes: a wrap-around leather strap, a Native American flair, and a peacock plume. Perfection. Get a pair for your coolest pal’s bebe and watch them dangle while she’s toting him or her around. Plus, these aren’t gender-specific so they’ll last beyond the first kid. Especially because noone is actually walking in them. intothewild

I’m gearing up for my first big gala of the school year. Event locale: Hollywood speakeasy. Theme: Roaring 20s. Borrowed blush-toned fringe dress? Check. Grandma’s fur cape? Check. Vintage Christian Dior liquid gold turban? Check. Oh wait. Perhaps I should swap that last one in favor of my daughter’s Tutu du monde sequined headpiece that’s shades of Daisy Buchanan. Tight around the scalp, yes, but it will feel a lot looser after a drink. lovechild

I desperately wanted a school with uniforms for my girls, partly because I like to wear the same thing everyday. My winter months “mom ‘form” usually consists of some sort of easy top, Acne jeans and very old silver Les Prairie des Paris brogues. They’re a huge step up from my high tops and are more comfy than ankle boots with any sort of heel. So imagine my surprise when I found these Anais and I mini me versions. Now will they survive PE? Pro’lly not. But if worn everyday then maybe they’ll learn to kick a rubber ball or two. oxford sweet william

I was down for the count with the stomach flu over Valentine’s Day so this is my “love” post. Well, it’s actually a “love back” post. Last year, my sis-in-law turned me on to Milk + Bookies, an extraordinary and very necessary organization where children donate books to peers who don’t have bedtime stories of their own. Now that my eldest daughter is reading up a storm, the notion of giving books to children in need could not be more poignent. Plus, when you’re contemplating your kid’s next birthday party (JAG Gym? Nahh. Coach Samir? I don’t know…) well, here’s your easy answer.  And finally, while cruising the website I noticed these limited edition Marc Jacobs “Future Philanthropist” tees which speak to me on yet one more level. Doing good is a good look. And that’s not a bad life lesson, either.futurephilanthropist-front-325x360

My Kindergartner is into these keychain thingies that kids dangle from their backpack. I have no idea what they’re called but apparently this is what’s happening in elementary school. As soon as I tuned in I realized that all the kids were sporting a version. Of course if she were going to follow a major trend, the keychain thingies were gonna at least have to be unique. Up first were these handmade fabric dolls from Tanzania of which I can’t seem to locate more (I’ve tried). Next we layered in a glitter heart coin purse – to stash her lunchbox stickers, natch. But then. I discovered these Mua Mua fashion keychain thingies and decided that I just might have to start my own trend. anna key chain kirna

In the Thankgivukkah aftermath we are left with: frozen almond butter millet blondes and also lots of art projects. We loaded the girls up with various Seedling crafts because they are fun to put together and let’s face it: look awesome upon completion. The feather headdress was a personal fave this season – it even looks rad just sitting on the dining room console. How politically correct of a gift was it for a holiday that overlapped with Thanksgiving? Not very but I guess I won’t have to worry about that for another 77,000 years.


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