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I’ve stayed at my mom’s house throughout various ailments and recoveries over the past six years and it’s akin to staying at the loveliest Bed & Breakfast. Everything is super crisp, and cool Cali air wafts through the guest bedroom windows. Plus, you get three spa-like meals. An example would be a just-made fluffy oatmeal pancake and morning almond milk cap. These sunny carafes and glasses from Esque Studio are just the gift for a hospitible hostess. I’ll take the mandarin orange one in the orchid wallpaper-clad room along with some alkaline water, thanks!
pitcher and cup set aha life

I’m late to every social media party. Basically I arrive when the crowd is leaving. Yesterday I joined Instagram which felt exciting and not-so-monumental at the same time. My first picture? A very styled shot of my two year old, Cleo. Does anyone ever post anything that’s not art directed? Even Amanda Brooks’ cows look…Below, some amazing wild flowers from Flower Girl NYC that I can get behind for Valentine’s Day, which look very much like a gorgeous, styled Insti-shot. “Like”.flower girl nyc

Today was our first day of Kindergarten. Big time. My daughter, so immersed in her stencils by the time we kissed good-bye, barely realized we left the room. Though she’s still a little kid in every way, her new elementary school reminds me that before we know it, she’ll be entering a more grown-up phase at home: the homework phase. Well for the next few years at least, she can use this Japanese designed desk by Ichiro as shelter for her animals – and whatever else seems to be jammed in that box. And while I don’t look forward to the days of desk work, with this versatile space, multiplication tables won’t be so boring.


We’re living in a time where the question, “How do you feel about taxidermy?” seems completely appropriate. Peacocks, hens – there’s even a major giraffe in my local Alexis Bittar boutique – this is now the norm. After my traumatic experience at the circus, my feelings toward stuffed, mounted animals were still up in the air. Until, that is, a fancy friend suggested that I put a pretty little bird in my vintage birdcage which sits empty on my rolling bar cart. This little rainbow finch would look lovely in it and I think the kids might even be down. How to explain taxidermy to them? Unclear. But at least the little tweeter won’t be performing tricks while being taunted with a whip. rainbow finch evolution

At the circus yesterday my husband and I looked at each other, both filled with self-hatered. You could say that PETA’s picketing outside was enough to make us feel like the biggest low-lives, but really it was just watching the show through the lens of an adult that shifted our perspective. In the car home we talked to the kids about treating animals with respect and how we don’t believe that they should be coerced into doing tricks for entertainment value. Basically, if we hadn’t taken them to the art museum for “Jazz Night” a few days earlier we’d probably be on a downward spiral right now. Ethics check! Below, an ode to the beautiful (but probably sedated) creatures who aren’t meant to be doing handstands in sequin vests.
dandy star tiger cusion smallable

I just read a beautiful article my friend’s wife wrote about her triumph over cancer – a subject that is unfortunately very close to my heart. I’ve made a mental note about what a thoughtful gift these Christian Lacroix journals would make for a new mom but right now I really want one for myself. It’s essential to pull yourself back down to Earth whenever you feel as if  you’re losing perspective – and what better way to do so then to list what’s (really) important on a regular basis. I think it’s the perfect way to end one’s night – whether you’ll be sleeping through it or waking up throughout.christian_lacroix_papier_arty_notebook_thumbnail

My spunky toddler will eat sardines but not applesauce. My middle (wild) child is a Korean food fanatic. And my five year old-the plebeian of the bunch-could live on quesadillas. Sometimes I wonder if my family dinner fantasy will ever be realized as we can’t seem to get on the same page, food-wise. Will I have to make three cuisines at once? Rule #1: Never be a short order cook! Will it take years for the kids to learn to like the same things? Rule #2: Offer your child something 14 times if you want him to develop a taste for it. (These are real commandments…I learned them in my baby group.) Below, my dream dishes in the form of marbleized dinner plates from Branca. On it I envision a perfectly roasted chicken, spicy brussels sprouts, and the third item is a toss up between Mexican, Korean and Mediterranean. Two kids will just have to starve.
branca dinner place

There’s just shit everywhere, all the time. Even with my OCD nanny and my fits of cleaning that could be categorized as manic, there’s still shit everywhere, all the time. A design person posted this lucite trunk on Pinterest – probably with the idea that it would make a lovely alternative coffee table – but all I can see is one, big, gorgeous storage box for animals and dolls that can’t seem to find their respective bed or monogrammed toy chest. I envision jelly cats jammed in the corners and cute french baby dolls stuffed in the center. Let’s just do this. And in five years? Boom. A coffee table.lucite trunk

Last month I bought Gwyneth’s new cook book and immediately, I felt like I needed to: a) buy a french farm table b) start wearing more American brands and c) run to Heath ceramics to purchase all new serving pieces. Since “c” is the most doable (mainly due to a Regency style home and a commitment to Marni,) I feel as if these Alabama Chanin designed pieces are just what GP ordered. And while I initially bought the book to be inspired for kid’s meals, (and I was – our hits included Japanese Chicken Meatballs, Gluten-Free Fish Fingers and Honey Carrot Sticks,) I’ve actually been cooking from it every night. So I am officially hitting the “Like Button.” And with some new ceramic tableware, oh you know I’ll like it that much more.

Ahh, the family crest. We all have one, don’t we? Sha right. I just discovered the brilliant artist Happy Menocal who not only makes the most lovely water color note cards but also creates custom heraldry for families and new unions (read: a super sick wedding gift!) With beautiful, muted shades and whimsical designs, it’s like Leontine Linens on crack – which, to a monogram freak like me, is just heaven. happy menocal heraldry


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