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Last week I told my husband that I wanted to get my nose pierced. His response: “Yes. Yes!  And what else. You also need tats.” It was as if he were a plastic surgeon, telling me what else I need to achieve the perfect trashy look. My response: “I drive a Jeep. With three carseats. I think this is it.” Cut to: I’m the proud new owner of a teeny diamond stud in my left nostril. Luckily, I discovered these beautiful, non-toxic Flash Tattoos just in the nick of time. They last about 4-6 days and you can remove them with coconut oil. But most importantly, they will contribute to my new look while allowing me to keep the Jeep.


Most people in my life know that I suffer from severe anxiety and like many, it sky-rocketed after I had children. So last week on my birthday I gifted myself a low-dose prescription of a popular SSRI as well as a four day intensive course in Transcendental Meditation. Attack it from all angles! said my therapist. After an emotionally tumultuous few weeks, being surrounded my some of my dearest girlfriends was actually just what the doctor ordered: a shit load of laughter and a whole lotta warmth in the comfort of one of my favorite LA spots. Below, the Delfina Delettrez pink sapphire knuckle ring that I was lucky enough to have received from my husband. Hopefully my man will be able to suffer my wrath for many more years as we celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. And I might even be able to levitate myself to dinner!

A friend from school and I admitted to one another that we aren’t ashamed about loving our weekday work-outs. We’re with the kids all day so it’s a necessary hour of Barry’s Bootcamp (her), and spin/pilates (me). The challenge: looking good during drop-off when running to a 9:30 class. Well…challenge accepted. My very old friend Robyn recently launched Live The Process, the sickest work-out wear I’ve seen to date. There are ballet-inspired bodysuits (skinny mothas can throw on jeans and call it an outfit), and also very chic nude-toned capri tights. My favorite? The “gym clutch” for the off-days when you have to take a nighttime class.

I love when my friends get creative. And right now I’m digging these starburst ball studs from my girl of almost twenty years, Sarah Hendler. The other style I’m coveting – a pink sapphire studded heart ring – would make the best push present for some lucky new mama (it’s really too bad this shop is closed). And with a brand new addition to her super hip fam (dad is chef Vinny Dotolo, a star in his own right), SH has lots of time to dream up some more beautiful, vintage inspired pieces. And by dream, I mean not dream because she’s not sleeping.shendler

I’m gearing up for my first big gala of the school year. Event locale: Hollywood speakeasy. Theme: Roaring 20s. Borrowed blush-toned fringe dress? Check. Grandma’s fur cape? Check. Vintage Christian Dior liquid gold turban? Check. Oh wait. Perhaps I should swap that last one in favor of my daughter’s Tutu du monde sequined headpiece that’s shades of Daisy Buchanan. Tight around the scalp, yes, but it will feel a lot looser after a drink. lovechild

It’s that glorious time of year: school fundraisers. This year I have two separate galas with two different themes. Roaring twenties = I could do that in my sleep. Bizarre Bazaar = let’s just say do not google that phrase for inspiration if you are at the office. So does one go out and purchase a vintage stole and some fur antlers? The answer is: you’d be surprised what you can find in your friend’s closets. Below, a super amazing headress I wish I could sport but will not because it’s too un-PC for a multi-cultural school setting. But maybe I need one for another event on October 31st.Hapsuka

My Kindergartner is into these keychain thingies that kids dangle from their backpack. I have no idea what they’re called but apparently this is what’s happening in elementary school. As soon as I tuned in I realized that all the kids were sporting a version. Of course if she were going to follow a major trend, the keychain thingies were gonna at least have to be unique. Up first were these handmade fabric dolls from Tanzania of which I can’t seem to locate more (I’ve tried). Next we layered in a glitter heart coin purse – to stash her lunchbox stickers, natch. But then. I discovered these Mua Mua fashion keychain thingies and decided that I just might have to start my own trend. anna key chain kirna

I’m a total psycho when it comes to shopping. I’ll stalk a high-ticket item all season and then pounce on it once the price drops. As a former retailer, I am basically my own worst nightmare. It’s a gamble every season but you know – I win some, I lose some (won: Balenciaga “Join a Weird Trip” baseball jacket. True.) Lately I’ve been on the jewelry hunt. Just thoughtfully browsing. And although these Holly Dyment rings (my latest fixation) will never be an end-of-season kind of purchase, I can still covet. Because luckily at the end of next season is my birthday.
holly dyment

Time for teacher gifts. Ahh, the choices. How many apple themed finds can the sites serve up? Pass. So if you happen to find yourself with a groovy teach this year, these monogrammed Baggu pouches could offer something new. The bag company teamed up with Flat Vernacular, the Brooklyn-based all-things-sick-for-your-walls company and came up with this funky alternative to Claire Vivier clutches. I am in the process of a custom order myself (see some examples below.) You can throw in your IPhone, lip stain, anti-bacterial wipes and car keys, and they can toss in their teacher-y stuff. And while the style harks back to those graffiti tees from the ’80s, there’s nothing wrong with bringing it back a bit.

School runs require comf shoes – especially when there is more than one school for which to run.  Next year I will have three different stops. True. Searching for a chic flat isn’t a hard task for many but since I gravitate more toward heels and sandals, a great-looking slipper is a super score. I’m scooping up these Del Toro loafers (they’ll arrive in March) for the Spring time zippity-doos. del toro


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