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Disclaimer: this one is for the locals. New day, new juice shop. My latest find is LA Juice, an on-the-spot juicery that has everything from Alkaline Water with Rose (below, gorgeous) to Cardamom-Infused Almond Milk (but please note that juicers spell milk like this: Mylk). Not only is it a fabulous family-owned biz, but they have the prettiest bottles. For weeks like these (when I’m both nanny and husband-free,) it goes without saying that I need plenty of pick-me-ups. Good thing there are “shots” on the menu.1399237186064

Last week I told my husband that I wanted to get my nose pierced. His response: “Yes. Yes!  And what else. You also need tats.” It was as if he were a plastic surgeon, telling me what else I need to achieve the perfect trashy look. My response: “I drive a Jeep. With three carseats. I think this is it.” Cut to: I’m the proud new owner of a teeny diamond stud in my left nostril. Luckily, I discovered these beautiful, non-toxic Flash Tattoos just in the nick of time. They last about 4-6 days and you can remove them with coconut oil. But most importantly, they will contribute to my new look while allowing me to keep the Jeep.


For years I’ve been obsessed with this multi-purpose balm from Organic Pharmacy and now that the weather is “cold”, I’m breaking it out again. It’s worthy of any on-the-go mom who wants to stay somewhat polished because it can be smoothed on nail beds, dabbed on cheeks, patted on eyebrows and rubbed onto lips, obv. It’s small, it’s pretty and you can easily toss it in anything from your Givenchy bag to your Claire Vivier daytime clutch (“impersonal you,” that is). Plus, it’s all-natural so you’re wee ones can pat it on chapped skin that can even occur in 63 degrees.The-Organic-Pharmacy-Rose-Balm-10g_b2

I’m a person that lives to eat. Lives for it. So the idea of sipping my calories is really hard to swallow (I know, hilarious.) A friend introduced me to Paleta, a Venice-based juicery that offers a two day cleanse accompanied by complimentary skincare from LA power-facialist Sonya Dakar. A two day’er seemed doable so I booked my delivery and was pleasantly elated when my arrival came. A rainbow of beverages – all with complex flavors (ie. turmeric and yams) – had strategic sip times pasted on each bottle. Two of my girls went to war over the Vanilla Milkshake – the 5pm money drink with almonds and cashews (a meal!) – which left one of them crying at the dining room table because she didn’t get enough gulps. And while the benefits I was aiming for was liver detox, better digestion and a blood cell re-boot, shockingly – and I mean shockingly – I was not hungry at all. And I’m always hungry.  So this morning when I was ready to return to the world of chewing, I found myself going online to see if I could order some more of their juices – just to have in-between snacks.

paleta 2

I often fantasize about becoming a Spin instructor. What would my play list look like? What kind of halter top would I cut my shirt into? What would my spin name be? (As inspiration, Jon informed me that his DJ name would be “Cacao.”) Well aside from ability, body and overall personality, my hair is what is holding me back from achieving my dream. It would just be a constant rat’s nest from sweat and heat. There’s not enough dry shampoo in the world. But for the few days per week that I go? A great hair powder does the trick. I once interviewed Brit stylist Annabel Tollman and she raved about the Batiste brand and I got hooked. Plus, it gives me a great idea for my spin name: Batiste (pronounced Ba-tee-stay!)


I’ve been editing the beauty market on and off for a long time. Since there are so many really cool products out there, at times, packaging seems to play an even larger role than usual. These Louise Gray glitter pots are totally over-the-top to wear on lids, cheeks, lips (or wherever Top Shop suggests you should splash ’em) but maybe I could do a thumb or two. In fact, I know I could. It’s the holidays, people. And for all of you with daughters, well….it will be nail art galore over Winter Break. louise gray top shop

I’ve always been obsessed with Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s neon lucite trays and candy bowls and then Gwyneth went and confirmed that they were cool last week, blah, blah, blah. So I have good taste, what can I say. While I’m not one for displaying perfume, I would if I had this taupe tray that feels more modern and less precious. It’s the kind of thing I imagine my girls sitting in front of while pretending to spritz themselves with enormous atomizers….OK that would never happen with these kids but it’s still a sweet look for the bathroom.

Ever since I had kids I’ve had a complex that I am losing my edge. Should I finally be getting that tattoo, wearing wider leg pants or more vests or something like that to preserve whatever daytime cool factor is left (I still feel cool at night.) And yet there seems to be even lesser things I can do to still play the part. The least invasive seems to be switching up the nail shades. And I say this because there is no way that powder blue toes can look trendy, cheesy or tacky if there aren’t daytime heels involved. (I see these things in LA so I am a bit paranoid.) But lo and behold, after reporting on these Thakoon by Nars limited edition nail polishes, you just might see me sporting some aqua toes in my Birks. Word is that they are coming out May 1st.

A lot of my preggie friends ask me for beauty recs when they realize their skincare is packed with retinol derivatives and the like. And along with some of my favorite brands like Nude, Tata Harper and Organic Pharmacy, I tell them about this all-natural and organic, raging hormone friendly scent from Honore Des Pres, called Love Coconut. Not only is it a delightful smell for any trimester, the packaging is dope and takes me back to my days when I was rushing around NYC with a hot brew (soon to be traded in for green tea with steamed soy, c’mon people.) The other scents in the line are equally as satisfying. Bun or otherwise.

Every time I get press I get a s*it of new readers and then feel responsible for actually having to say something interesting. Enter mental block. So this post is about as superficial as it’s gets but is about one of my all-time favorite topics: Lip Stains. Anyone with a baby or a child young enough to still want to be smothered knows that lip gloss during the day is nisht-nisht. My Chanel Glossimer in Spark is now reserved for the after 7 set. I’ve tried every brand of stain and will continue to test them as they enter the market because I am that obsessed. My new favorite find is Serge Lutens Water Lip Color which looks black but simply enhances the natural color of your lips. For instance, I have a lot of blue undertones in mine so it makes me look as if I’ve emerged from a pool on a chilly day, a look I find oddly attractive. So imagine your lashes just naturally looking longer or your hair appearing thicker-it’s like that. And you can kiss your babies all day long because this sucker is staying put.


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