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It’s finally “winter” here in LA – just in time for the holidays, which my kids have been waiting for since our 100 degree August. And since all three girls asked to hang out at home for the entirety of their two week Christmas break, I have been scrambling for those extra-special indoor play items that will keep them occupied until the afternoon’s motherf*%$@!g art project-of-the-day. (!) I’ve been known to love a tent or two and this pretty little number from FieldCandy – decorated with lovely carousel horses – will house at least one child with a chapter book or some American Girl dolls for a good hour. And then it will be hour two of the morning. Next year…let’s get those kids back on skis!119000917473-original

My mother says I’m not allowed to be around newborns. It’s often hard for me to give them back to their rightful owner, making it awkward for everyone. But with two of my dear friends having babies this fall, it might be hard to control myself. So I am focusing on the nursery-decorating decisions: neutral with a splash of color (my stylish pal from Venice) vs shades of white with lots of texture (my polished pal from Tel Aviv). Since both ladies have impeccable taste, I think this moon and star Yume garland would be a welcome addition to either room. It has plenty of pizzazz for any hipster while remaining sweet enough for the uptown girl. I bought one for my own house in declaration of a nursery re-deux, and plan to drape it around a canopy for our new toddler bed. Unless we decide to keep the crib. yumeminikin

In lieu of a cancelled trip to London, we’re planning an epic ten year anniversary trip for next summer, making me reflective about both my marriage and my actual wedding. I believe the big event would have been quite different had it happened in my thirties. It might have been at San Ysidro Ranch. I might have worn Chloe. The bouquet might have been wild. And my in-laws guest list might have been cut down by 90%. But I know that my cake would be from Stone Fox Bride, and would look like this. I know. I might have turned country! But it feels right at this point in my life, as does everything else.
stone fox brinde

In the spirit of the outdoorsy, wilderness-claiming Coachella (shout-out to many annoying Instagram pics,) I am writing about The Forest Feast, a brand new gorgeous veggie cook book. It is exactly what my cook book would look like if I were a talented chef/nutritionist/reality star. The author, Erin Gleeson, was a food photographer and stylist for the New York Times, which gives her some serious art direction cred. The recipes are arriving on Tuesday so on Wednesday I will be making sage chips, dates with honey lavender goat cheese and clementine cakes. Sounds like the perfect Post-Palm Desert Picks. Or rather, Sad-I-Missed-the-Madness Munchies.
forest feast

I’m experiencing major wanderlust after being away for a few days in Utah with the kids. Realizing that it’s all about the get-aways, I planned about six trips within the past four days (a special Hacienda in Mexico, a cherry blossom trip to Kyoto, a Sofia Coppola villa in an Italian hilltop town, and finally, the always-beautfiul and somewhat-local Lake Tahoe). I decided that I could be happy staying in this house forever so long as we can get a few special scenery changes each year. Below, a sweet handmade doll from one of my favorite artists, Mathilde de Turckheim, that looks as if it could have been sewn in France, Germany or maybe even the borough of Brooklyn. mathilde SW

I’ve stayed at my mom’s house throughout various ailments and recoveries over the past six years and it’s akin to staying at the loveliest Bed & Breakfast. Everything is super crisp, and cool Cali air wafts through the guest bedroom windows. Plus, you get three spa-like meals. An example would be a just-made fluffy oatmeal pancake and morning almond milk cap. These sunny carafes and glasses from Esque Studio are just the gift for a hospitible hostess. I’ll take the mandarin orange one in the orchid wallpaper-clad room along with some alkaline water, thanks!
pitcher and cup set aha life

I’m late to every social media party. Basically I arrive when the crowd is leaving. Yesterday I joined Instagram which felt exciting and not-so-monumental at the same time. My first picture? A very styled shot of my two year old, Cleo. Does anyone ever post anything that’s not art directed? Even Amanda Brooks’ cows look…Below, some amazing wild flowers from Flower Girl NYC that I can get behind for Valentine’s Day, which look very much like a gorgeous, styled Insti-shot. “Like”.flower girl nyc

It’s that glorious time of year: school fundraisers. This year I have two separate galas with two different themes. Roaring twenties = I could do that in my sleep. Bizarre Bazaar = let’s just say do not google that phrase for inspiration if you are at the office. So does one go out and purchase a vintage stole and some fur antlers? The answer is: you’d be surprised what you can find in your friend’s closets. Below, a super amazing headress I wish I could sport but will not because it’s too un-PC for a multi-cultural school setting. But maybe I need one for another event on October 31st.Hapsuka

Right about now, this could happen: you receive a note asking your child to create, design, decorate and label thirty Valentines. Now multiply that times the amount of school-aged kids in the house. So that would be sixty for moi. This year I decided to do a card “toppings” bar and turn the dining room table into a smorgasbord of googlies, glitter pens, stickers and gems. I know. Gang-busters. But the star of the show might be these eeboo pom poms (which come in awesome shades like “Crab” and “Flamingo”). Lemons are now you-know-what.eeboo poms

One of the coolest places to buy art is Art Space, a curated marketplace that sells commissioned works by famous artists. I’ve been known to troll it from time to time and have discovered some great new names. This Mario Testino photo reminds me of my old store Presse, with its walls lined in framed images from French fashion magazines (which now hang in my home office). Miss Moss, who serves as the ultimate fashion inspiration for all mamas, turns 40 today. Happy wellies and hot pants!
mario_testino artspace


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