Zoe Gem RafI have always preferred form-over-function. It doesn’t matter if it gets the job done, so long as it looks good. I’ll buy a jar of jam with a hand-made label because it’s prettier than the rest. My grandmother’s fabulous vintage crystal lamp sits on my desk even though it hasn’t worked for years. And we have a no plastic toy rule in my house because the wooden ones look cleaner. Call me materialistic, a superficial Taurus…or just obsessed with stylish stuff. As a former editor-turned-boutique owner, I spent years hunting and gathering the greatest gets for my readers, and later, my customers. Now at home with my three girls, I realize that my style journey continues, though I’ve adopted a new point of view. Here, I share my fashion finds for kids, home and (occasionally) you. You don’t need to lose your edge in Chapter Two.

Contact me: info@macaroonoriginal.com