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Finding decor for a child’s room that’s not too precious, too sweet, or too baby-ish can be something of a challenge. I always think that art that’s both grown-up but campy at the same time works wonders as the kitsch element speaks to a kid’s natural sense of whimsy. I’ve loved the kooky UK-based artist Kate Jenkins for some time. She makes these humorous crochet pieces, some of which you can buy as prints. I think this piece is hilarious, colorful and festive enough to deck the wall of any novice sushi eater. Wasabi optional. kate jenkins

I got slammed with the flu just as my husband took our oldest (read: easiest) child on a daddy/daughter ski trip for Valentines Day. I had all of these V-tine-y things planned for my younger one – which all got botched to hell. On the list: these Suck UK “I Love You” cookie stamps which would have been a fun afternoon activity. Maybe next year when a stamp doesn’t feel so heavy.

***And the winner of the cutest Valentines Day plan is….My brother! Who dissed his girlfriend to take our mom to see Bonnie Raitt. I wish I could put that on a cookie.cookie stamper

If your kids are like mine, they like very small things and require some kind of bag for which to carry it all around. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m a little obsessed with these sweet Claire Vivier leather pouches  that will stash everything from treasures to charms to stickers – and can be monogrammed to boot. When stretched apart, they even double as chic ring trays for your night table.  So perhaps a better idea might be to put your own initials on one and let her use it to tote her trinkets from time to time.claire vivier

Whenever I lack in the freelance department I slip into domestic mode – big time. A long time fan of Catherine McCord’s Weelicious blog  (where we’ve made everything from Mexican Wedding Cookies to Wild Salmon Bites,) I’ve always wondered what lunch box she uses as her meals seem so preciously compartmentalized. Meaning, the tins are small enough to fill up the ‘box with lots of different things. Today I learned the answer: Planetbox‘s Rover System. I’ve never said this before for obvious reasons but: Oprah Moment. For those of you who obsess over the LB like I do, I really think this will be conducive to a gorgeous, colorful, balanced lunchie. Bring on the freeze dried fruits!
planet box

I’ve oft written about my love for great wrapping, even though I am the worst wrapper ever. Furoshiki, an eco-friendly Japanese wrapping cloth (to be exact) has been popping up on a few web stores and I have been struck by it’s loveliness. Recently I was scouring the Harabu House site for a writing assignment and found this great looking style that even I couldn’t make ugly. In a psychotic fit of web browsing, I found a wrapping tutorial here. But the best part is that once it’s unwrapped, your friend can re-gift the wrapping. I like it.
harabu house reuabsle gift wrap


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