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Last week at a Kindergarten thing, one little girl’s (mom’s) answer to the pouring rain was skinny jeans, a baseball tee and some Nike dunks. Say, Haaay!! I appreciated her casual approach even though she probably spent way longer picking out the ensemble, knowing which pre-school she goes to. High-maintenance or not, she gets an A + for effort…for trying to look effortless. This week we started a rotating soccer/track/basketball group and I thought it’d be the perfect time to score a pair – as I’m currently inlove with high tops anyway. Teen Witch fans can sing it with me: Top that! ‘Top that! 

I admit that I’m excited for the sleepover stage. And I mean the innocent kind where little ones eat pretzels in sleeping bags – and don’t watch “Blame It On Rio” at a friend’s UES apartment. (Bad!) Smiling Planet, the originators of whimsical – chic tableware are about to launch this sweet, water-proof overnighter. It’s so cute that you can stuff it with animals when she’s not on a little adventure or simply hang it on the door knob. Smaller tikes can even take it to grandma’s. And nope! Raunchy ’80s movies not included.SP bag

This past weekend while browsing in our favorite local shop, OK, I tripped upon this little treasure: A $5 Hohner harmonica necklace for kids. Jon declared that it would make the best party favor ever: not only does it look like a super cool necklace for both boys and girls, but it plays brilliantly. It’ll be like having your own little Bob Dylan following you around all day…Wait, so no?hohner necklace 2

My good friend Irene is like a jewelry designer whiz kid – everything she does kills it. A diamond launch. Jeweled sandals. And the latest and my personal fave: ID bracelets. They are my official answer to sporting your child’s name in a chic, easy way while feeling massively sophisticated and fancy (if you will.) No circular pendants, no weird charms. Her styles range from silver and slightly studded to major and decked with opals (yup, put the latter in the inheritance.) Or just go bananas and put your own name on the damn thing.



OK, so this is how my new obsession came about: Jon told me he wanted something from Lego Architecture for his office, so naturally I went on a google bonanza. Verdict: pretty dope. But  Nanoblocks – Japan’s answer to legos – kept popping up in my search and I found them way better looking and more exciting. They’re Japanese, pfft. If I ever get the balls to assemble one (they arrive in 200 pieces,) my structure of choice will be the Eiffel Tower which will inhabit the girl’s room. The legos can stay at the office. nano blocks

I finally stepped up my gym uniform. That’s big time considering my penchant for wearing branded work out wear from “Crunch” Union Square circa 1999. I spied these Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers at – of all places – Maxfield’s in Malibu. Since I’d feel too douchy just buying sneakers at Maxfield’s, I bought them online, in the dark, away from judging eyes. Since then, I’ve gotten many “oohs and ahhs” from all sorts of peeps – my very cool and very young stylist’s being the most notable of the bunch. I’m thinking that they may even make my Champion sweatshirt look good again. adidas

This post is for the sister-in-laws Corleto who said that while they follow this blog, whenever they click on a link, something like “Spreet er demand engels hire” pops up. Or another foreign language that makes shopping the featured item rather challenging. My immediate response was: Google Translate! I mean, come ON. So I thought of both ladies when I discovered these beautiful and unique customizable baby blankets from the Dutch company Noohn that I am just dying to buy for my one year old who just started sleeping with stuff in the crib. Open up a second screen, type it in word for word…It’s too easy.

***By the way, that sentence reads: Does anyone here speak English?

noohn blanket

Say it. You’ve always wanted a Bento Box for your jewelry. It’s so kid-friendly and practical. And then you might as well fill it with short grain rice studs and a chili salt necklace to boot…(actually the studs just look like choking hazards but I am down with the necklace as a layering piece.) Sometimes I find myself longing for the things that make absolutely no sense in my life. Maybe it’s a secret rebellion against my now-daily uniform of something in the sweatshirt family. I don’t know. Can my closet pull this off??


New year, new party circuit. Like me, you probably need to buy a gift for someone every other day. For your kid’s pal (times one hundred.) For your friend’s 30th ( through 40th.) For a new baby (and his sibling.) There is a celebration around every effing corner. On my short list of “go-to gifts” is a Comme des Garcons embossed pouch that I scoop up down the street at one of my favorite LA spots, OK. But that find just got upgraded to its constellation cousin curtesy of Opening Ceremony. Hm. Maybe this year I’ll even gift one to myself. comme des garcons wallet

See these? They were not used this week. Since we had few plans after canceling our trip to Mexico, we’ve been laying low: watching screeners, doing spin art,  going to gymnastics camp (a genius plan for New Year’s day!) and had a “faux” vacation morning in Malibu. As the kids played in the sand pit (next to Brooke Burke Charvet’s kids – a gentle reminder that we were still in LA) I realized that the girls were just as happy to be playing in sand that was forty minutes away. I love this self-contained beach toy backpack set which comes with a great looking carry-all, so rakes and shovels won’t get snatched. Welcome home!beach toys backpack pome


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