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I stocked up on mineral sunscreen, sand toys and coloring books for our trip to a friend’s house in Mexico, ETD tomorrow. Cut to: we’re not going. It was cancelled last minute for a sad reason and now we’re scrambling to turn these empty days into “vacation days,” even though the weather seemed to turn on us and we have no babysitter for New Year’s Eve (please, mom?) But I will still fold these We Are Handsome mini suits into the mix for summer which is just around the corner, as they like to say. And wait. As I sit and write this…here comes the sun.we are handsome

Cleo’s turning one in a few weeks which to many, is the most important birthday (ie. my friend Eve who threw her son a circus-themed bash at The Soho House.) But turning one is also a home decor milestone because you’re finally allowed to deck out the crib with pillows, blankets and animals (even though a baby can squirm out from underneath any of those things long before twelve months.) So let’s spruce it up, sister. Here, the Scholten & Baijings pillow that I’ve been waiting to smush into the corner of the crib…I’m sure it will be bathed in drool once thirteen months arrives.scholten-and-baijings-1

Let me just put my Mommy Blogger hat on for this one (eye roll, gag.) These Ruby’s Studio DVDs (read: highly stylish Brooklyn-based productions) first taught kids about feelings and are now teaching them about friendship in a thoughtful and musical way. Since the theme song is catchy and they’re not too gooey, you won’t mind getting caught in the nightly “Can we have Ruby?!” cross-fire. Stop, look, listen…You’ll be singing it all day too.ruby's studio

…Somebody’s watching me. I just love a good over-sized animal image in a child’s room. And there are so many good ones from which to choose. Whether it’s a cutesy giraffe (been there, but still) to a growling bear (for siblings, perhaps) they will all add a little extra flavor. Just recently, I discovered these owl pictures from John Pusateri. But since they’re drawings rather than photos, they’re less precious and more artsy. Can I get a whoot, whoot.john pusateri

I’ve been wanting to write about these vintage decoupage globes from Imagine Nations for some time now and it finally feels poignant – when our world is turned on its head. Like every other parent, I’ve been in a state of shock/panic/depression/heartache over the Connecticut shootings. This post is dedicated to anyone touched by this horrific, unthinkable act of violence. The world mourns with you.imagineNations

I’ve been editing the beauty market on and off for a long time. Since there are so many really cool products out there, at times, packaging seems to play an even larger role than usual. These Louise Gray glitter pots are totally over-the-top to wear on lids, cheeks, lips (or wherever Top Shop suggests you should splash ’em) but maybe I could do a thumb or two. In fact, I know I could. It’s the holidays, people. And for all of you with daughters, well….it will be nail art galore over Winter Break. louise gray top shop

You’re welcome. It’s Givenchy’s “Rottweiler” IPhone case from one phone-ago. I just got the “5” which needs a new outfit and this one, while amazing, is a little too body-con for my taste (it’s made for the “4”.) Plus, it’s practically sold out everywhere except for here, an Australian retailer. But I just love it. So it begs the question: do I try to squeeze my new phone into the smaller size without a protective case? Or do I get a lame-ass case that actually fits but isn’t as exciting as this Rottweiler graphic (that will clearly never get old.) The real reason for this post is to reiterate that the IPhone 5 is that much better and worth the upgrade…Just make sure to dress it well!

***It also lets you order Hipstamatic prints so you can post all of your gorgeous babies on the fridge. Finally!ssense givenchy

I mean…is every retailer’s favorite holiday tag line: “Oh baby, it’s cold outside!” Charming….and original. OK, well it’s not cold here (J. Crew, Netaporter, Asos, Barneys, etc.) Thankfully, it’s still sunny and warm but even the slightest chill  seems to warrant bundling and layering (this is a land where rain is called “a storm.”) Right now I’m in love with these Mabo striped leggings. They’d make a great gift (just add a hat!) and can be passed down from sibling to sibling because they’re perfectly unisex. Grab them now before it gets any colder. Brrrrrr…..
Mabo Leggings

Your kid’s school means lots of new friends. Which means lots of new invitations. Both good things. But holiday open houses? Mmm, not s’much. I guess the appeal is that you can duck in and duck out without the guilt but I’d rather commit to an evening and actually hang out with the people who are invited. And then, what to bring. It’s not a dinner party so bringing wine would be silly and it’s not brunch so flowers are out. Basically, something gorge-worthy but totally chic at the same time. Enter truffle amazingness. (I got scolded for using “enter” as a “transition word” at a magazine years ago, but they warrant that kind of intro.) I saw these in Food and Wine and immediately went to the Truffle Truffle website. Though the brand is heavy on the “Beer and Pretzel” flavor profile, this gift-worthy little box has spiced bark, snickerdoodle and gingerbread. Arrive, grab drink, set down truffles, mingle, grab drink, mingle, float out. truffle truffle


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