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I’m kind of ghetto when it comes to wrapping paper. Yes, I linger over the $4-per-sheet designs like all the other crazies at the art store but when it comes down to it, I just can’t do it (especially with little kids who could give two shits about the way gifts look from the outside.) But then the Ouef Gift Guide came to the rescue of my presentation dilemma. You can download these “face designs” that you color, cut and paste onto brown kraft paper (which is like, 7 duckets per roll on amazon,) and then you have these almighty looking gifts that have style and major personality. And…you won’t hear register sounds go off when the paper gets ripped to shreds.

Rafi’s little friend is the son of a musician and and actress so he can pull off a lot of shit (yes…it’s that way for kids too.) I saw him wearing some snazzy mocs this morning and decided that if I had a boy, I would probably dress him similarly (I often wonder…!) I really love these Manimal boots as they are not too preciously beaded nor are they too Native-American-knock-off-y. If that’s such a thing. And was that racist? The point is, you can get these for your son and then your daughter can wear them when he grows out of them. But maybe not if you are both accountants.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! While I truly enjoy contributing to the feast (maple glazed, marcona almond topped root vegetables and bacon and kale salad,) I discovered that I do not like being in charge of the turkey. It’s as if the fate of everyone’s Thanksgiving lies in my hands: the constant basting, brushing, temperature taking. And then repeat that every half hour for a thousand hours. But then it was done and gorgeous and Jon took ten Hipstamatic pictures of it from every angle. We were proud parents. This weekend oficially kicked off the holiday season – a time of sharing, giving and helping. These Dear Hancock note cards are festive but not at all corny and will be essential for December. Just sign here.

I’m asked to buy a lot of “gesture gifts” for what seems to be, babies in every state. And I’m a terrible person to be appointed that task because I would rather receive a really expensive rattle than a cheap dress. (I am aware that most people are the opposite.) As of late, I’ve been gifting these super darling tights that I found from the LA based company, Hansel From Basel. Oddly, cool tights are not an easy find and these are special enough to be a stand-alone gift. People who “care” and “don’t care” alike will be pleased upon unwrapping. But if your friend of a friend of a friend had a baby boy, they also have the most amazing socks for little dudes. Tie a few pair together with some twine for a really thoughtful gesture.

My mom likes to point out how many grammatical mistakes I make on this blog. To that I say, Oh shit, you’re right mom, but also, Well I’m just really fucking tired!! I know…and I call myself a writer. (I mean, I don’t call myself one, but…) Below is a picture of one of Giles’ limited edition dolls that he made for Matches which launched yesterday. It’s also a picture of how I feel on a daily basis, and I believe many other parents of young children feel this way as well. So I apologize for any grammatical mistakes. I am sleepy, sloppy, and as my husband often points out, am someone with “no attention to detail.” But from now on I will proof-read bettere…Just testing you, mom.

I met Greg Chait of the Elder Statesman through our daughter’s potentially going to school together. He is the epitome of California-cool: laid-back, thoughtful and collected. And talented! He just won the Vogue CFDA award to boot. Laura, his other half, is just as lovely and so this post is in honor of their latest accomplishment. My newest fixation is this super beautiful ES quilt. I’ve admitted to treasuring my blanket wardrobe and feel there’s always room for one more coverlet, so to speak. This one would make it’s debut this month, just in time for “sweater weather.”

I found a good one, people. It’s a brand of Barcelona-based wall art called Chispum that sells everything from whimsical dragons to playful bubble sayings. But I love, love the “headboards” that are basically a stand in for an actual head board, should you own a lackluster twin. You just need to have a little vision and a lot of good throw pillows. And everything is offered in a range of languages so for instance, if you wanted to step up your “Mirror, Mirror” wall decal, you could order “Petit Miroir, Petit Miroir.” Or en Espanol. Who writes this stuff!

Something very exciting just entered our household. It’s a greige Linus cruiser that is so great-looking, it’s currently posing in our living room with one wheel turned out. Work it. What’s even more exciting is that the Venice-based bike co is adding a collection of kids bikes to the mix and I am told that they will have “every color.” We plan to buy Rafi a hot pink one for her birthday, as she’s our in-house lil’ racer. In doing some web trolling for bike accessories, I found the Adeline Adeline website (a “very nice bicycle shop”) where I discovered the most amazing helmets, hand-painted bells and whistles (so to speak.) This helmut is great for little guys who want to hop on dad’s back seat. Or they can just cruise down the pier on their very own Linus.

It’s no secret that I despise Face Book. Yup, I’m on it and I check it frequently. But every time I go on, I throw up in my mouth. How much validation does one need about their marriage, their children, their professional success….Every day. My brother jokes about the “singles” counterpart to all of the annoying parents. Let’s just say it has to do with a lot of status updates on sunsets and cocktails. And to round it out, my husband has a habit of quoting really bad lines from movies. And fittingly, the winner of his bad quote list goes to….“Drop…the ‘the.'” Below, the much hyped over Instagram camera. Get it. And then just post them on the fridge!

My favorite editor is Emmanuelle Alt, my favorite boots are by Chloe and I do love a nice nicoise. So it’s no surprise that I tend to fall in love with children’s stores that are also based in France. Wah. My new favorite is My Little Square where I found one of my favorite hard-to-find-it-in-the-States brands, Dandy Star. Other fun discoveries from the shop include DIY garlands and wistful cloud pillows. In case you wanted to order in bulk, I’m just saying! J’adore this little dress for the holiday season because it’s festive but not formal (no taffeta here!) Team it with a slouchy beret, natch.


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