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Someone on my Facebook posted a picture of a shark swimming in New Jersey which is sparking real/fake conversations. Regardless! This “fish hotel”, found at the MOMA store, natch, is making me think of all my loved ones in the tri-state area who are hunkering down with bottles of wine (singles) and building forts with pillows and blankets (families.) I also just watched a marathon of Long Island Mediums and so I’m feeling extra emotional. I love you all my New York friends: stay safe.

With a new wave of catchy tunes comes a new lease on dance parties. As I’ve mentioned, my domed home office has a massive chandelier that was once in my retail store. And the tiny bulbs are like Diamonds In The Sky, if you know what I mean. Slower songs like this usually warrant more of an interpretive dance routine with some ballet moves tossed in. And for me, I just do a lot of dramatic jazz hands during my lip-synch act (which entertains myself more than my kids.) I feel as if this light up garland from La Case de Cousin Paul is the one thing missing from our groove sessions. Oh yeah, that and rhythm. (Them, not me!)

It’s no secret that I am anti-refined sugar for both grown-ups and kids. I know, I know – agave and all that shit is practically just as bad – but I still feel as if the alternatives are the lesser of two evils. And since my kids have a birthday party or two every weekend, they’re not exactly deprived. While in New York, I stumbled into Papabubble on Broome and fell in love with the hand-sculpted candy I watched being configured on heated tables. The result was my asking them to ship custom “R” lollipops for Rafi’s birthday, to which Jon accused me of being cray cray. In any event, sweetness trumps principle in this case and I’m cool with that. Hopefully my fellow haters will be as well. Take a lick!

I’ve been coached to describe my middle daughter as “spirited.” Among a million other things, she makes me laugh. Her recent obsession with fairies has inspired all sorts of hairstyles including a “hanging bun” (meaning, “a ponytail.”) And while she has the sweetest little face in the world, poor child has hockey hair, so we compensate with a lot of pretty hair accessories. And since any barrette connoisseur knows that they can be $16 a pop,  I choose my clips wisely. These little pompoms, found at my new favorite shop, BabybubbleNYC will easily dress up her business in the front.

Let’s give it up for these $150 gorgeous, custom balloons. Well if you’re like me and want more than one balloon at your party, you can just do the math. That said, the tassels are reusable. That said, you better be throwing a birthday party each month in order to justify the buy. But they’re amazing, says my inner monologue.  This is about the time when I turn to my best friend, BEtsy, for some advice. And like always, she came through for me. I found a lovely shop called The Flair Exchange  that makes balloons that look quite similar. I mean, only a balloon aficionado would know the difference. And guess what? Reusable tassles. My inner monologue is saying, Well done.

After my children passed around Pink Eye to one another, tonight I got struck. Please, sir, can I have another. While I have blurry vision in one eye and feel it slowly crusting over, my hypochondriac husband decided that (obviously,) he has it too. When I rolled my one good eye at him after he told me he’s going to start using the community eye drops, he accused me of accusing him about lying about his symptoms. This is a man who, after returning from New York during the bed bug epidemic last year, stripped down naked before coming back into our house, right after he dumped out the contents of his suitcase outside. His germ phobia is unrelatable to me, as it’s the one strain of anxiety that I actually don’t have. Below, our new little Bobo Choses baby blanket, one of the many things which now has to be handled with tongs, dare I pass this shit back to the baby.

I just returned from my solo New York vacay (and I highly recommend a solitaire escape for all mamas) but have since been having conflicting feelings about my living in LA. This trip I took note of all the young families in the city, wondering if I should really have been one of them. Even though my friends all tell me how tough it is to be there with little kids, I still wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed and toughed it out. I just love that city so deeply. And to boot, I get to break out all my dope shit that are too harsh for pristine LA eyes. At some point I wish to own this Delfina Delettrez ring as it perfectly captures my current emotional state. So this post is an ode to all my East Coast lovers, to whom I’d like to quote Amy Poehler in Mean Girls: “You keep me young, I love ya so much!” (Wink.) 


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