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I’m off to New York for a week and the forecast is…wait for it…rain! Every day I am there. Shocker. And yesterday I was put on antibiotics by one doctor after having an unpleasant excoriation procedure by another. (Hopefully no one knows what that is.) It’s good times in LA so it has to be more fun in rainy New York…And at least my peeps are there. Below, a gorgeous, rainy day blanket from Donna Wilson which reminds me how cozy and lovely the rain can be (especially when wrapped around a baby.) Maybe I’ll drape it around myself and go gallery hopping – I don’t know. See you in a week!

***Happy New Year to those who celebrate!

I try to let my kids wear whatever they want (ie. allowing Rafi to change into her leotard outside Cafe Gratitude,) but tend to make them wear accessories against their will. I pick my battles, what can I say? When we take family pictures one might hear me yell, “Where this headdress! Pose in a mask! Just play with that doll! Now this one!” I know, very organic, very natural. And to many…borderline abusive. The baby is my next victim and this Simonetta find just might get placed on her head. Look, Cleo’s wearing a hat! With ears! And rhinestones! Click.

Let’s just say there was a major model in my spin class the other day. Let’s just say it was Agyness Deyn. Let’s just say that girl should not be burning calories. There are certain things that go on your “to do” list after three children: start a Latisse regimen, get on the retinol train, cut back on sugar, etc. And then just check the boxes. However, when my brother came back from New York one year with Momfuko birthday truffles, I nearly dropped my lash wand. And then when I found out they make a cake version….and we have a birthday coming…..Let’s just say it’s time to double up on spin sessions.

It’s oppressively hot in Los Angeles right now. Like, fan-on-top-of-air-conditioning hot. Yet I can’t stop thinking about Marni’s fur collars for fall. Why? Because like the new “jewel collar” necklaces, you can throw it over anything for dramatic effect. How exactly to justify a purchase like that in LA? You can’t. Even I know how asinine it would be. Cut to this little blue faux chinchilla thing I found from one of my fave baby brands, April Showers. Perhaps one of my girls can live out the dream by wearing a furry friend in 95 degree heat. Or at least they can wear one while prancing around an air-conditioned space.

You know how you forget everything when the next baby comes? Today I asked a friend what toys her one year old likes to play with. Even though my baby is number three, I too, seem to have amnesia. She was like, A shape sorter, This wooden drum thing, Blocks….Oh of course! Blooockkkss. That would make sense. And so I went on a hunt for the coolest blocks. Achieved! These Severin Millet objects are just about the most beautiful things I ever did see for a child (ages one and up!) Sadly I am told they are just for the artist’s gallery but you can buy a poster of the blocks. Which no, is not a fun toy for a baby.

I sat down in the dentist chair this morning and was like, Ah. This is nice. That’s when you know that you’re tired. When my friend Todd said, (and I don’t know why I thought this was so hilarious,) “I’m tired of being tired,” I couldn’t have agreed more. So I tend to put a lot of emphasis on bedding and pillows and blankets and places of slumber in general. In my seemingly endless search to find stylish sheets for the girls, I convinced the designer of Noe & Zoe to create twin sized duvets and pillow cases even though she had only been making crib gear. The result was simply gorgeous. Sometimes if you ask, you shall receive (all the way from Berlin!) You can also find her amazing kid’s clothes on Thumbeline

This Venetian mirror from ABC Carpet will give me pause next time I want to post something on Pinterest. My vision was to hang it in my girl’s room after a (possible) wallpaper change. So like any other psychopath, I posted it as a reminder to myself online. And then it got repinned and then it was sold. Now I’m not sweating myself too hard…only a handful of people follow me so there is actually a 99% chance that it was just coincidence. But it did emphasize the idea that once you covet something, someone else might…we’ll all get up, it’ll be anarchy! So maybe in the future (in order to satisfy my shopping paranoia,) I just won’t post one-of-a-kinders. Though in the end it was really my fault…TOO SLOW!


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