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Lately my girls just want to listen to pop music. Gotye, Kimbra and Ellie Goulding, to be specific. They know every single word to “Sombody That I Used To Know.” Hilarious. But nah, not really. It’s actually quite torturous, since Gemma has inherited my voice which Jon likens to nails on a chalkboard. So when I saw these cheerful Tykho radios that let you take your music with you, I thought it would be the perfect lil’ summer gift (save for the fact that you can’t shove an IPod or Sirius Satellite Radio in them to ensure that their songs will actually come on.) My other option is to toss my IPhone out the car window to prove that indeed, I cannot play “Today Was A Fairytale” for a fortieth time.

Somewhere in my 50 Shades of Porn haze I decided that our 6 month old “must” sleep in this very impractical and probably unsafe moon crib. It’s one of those dreamy things that everyone repins the hell out of on Pinterest but noone really knows its origin or how to find it. Well when I actually located it on a Parisian web shop, I decided that it has to be Cleo’s new snoozing ground. “You’re seriously out of control,” said Jon. “It’s not happening.” All I can say is that perhaps I will regain all access to reality when I start my next book.

So my friend Melissa dared me to find a chic, “high-end tankini” and write a post on it. To that I said, Well I can’t, but my response to her tankini crucification was that there are bathing alternatives (shall we call them) that are still super chic. For instance, I am obsessed with these J. Crew blouson-ish suits that are clearly made for ladies who gave birth at the on-set of summer (or for those who are just still feeling fleshy after baby’s arrival.) I swear that they are super stylish on, especially with a great sun hat or bold accessory. I actually ordered this tan asymetrical style, though I don’t plan to wear it on Safari but rather by my pool while celebrating the fourth with some friends.

Wishing you a great holiday!

I get the “re-arranging gene” from my mother who every few months feels the need to lacquer a chair or move around art. I’ve inherited this trait along with her nervous energy, creative spirit and arm bumpies-it’s genetics. It’s easiest for me to re-arrange the kid’s rooms since they are constantly growing with the house. Along with adding major moments (such as this Thursday’s bunk bed arrival,) I find it fulfilling to add a detail here and there…and then move them around when I get bored. I found Twiggy and Lou’s sparkly, gold garland on Etsy and have been playing around with where to hang it. Currently it’s decked around a window where I stash the girl’s jewelry boxes, barrettes and piggy banks. But by tomorrow I’m sure it will be somewhere else.


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