While I despise myself for saying this, I love the art of buying. I love the hunt, I love the selection process, and I love having something new. That said, I don’t buy anything unless I am obsessed with it. And as a former retailer, I’ve become my own worst nightmare as someone who waits for sales. One of my favorite kids stores is Trico Field, a high-end boutique with all Japanese brands (nope, the sales people barely speak English.) And when I saw they were half off, I made my play, knowing that a tee for a baby can easily be ninety bucks. (What?) Too gun shy to drop a wad on an army jacket with patchwork and a tulle polka-doted tutu (Tokyo street style, anyone?) I left with rose colored stripy leggings in a size 7, two sizes larger than my eldest. But below, an example of the ragingly awesome pieces you can score (if only one to two times a year.)