In our house we are preparing for “Consolidation Day,” the day when we move our two older girls into the same room. They’ve been having sleep overs every night in anticipation of the merger because they know in a few months they will get a bunk bed.  In the meantime, Gemma’s bed will be moved into Rafi’s room, (because Rafi is the type of kid who will torture us nightly if we take her out of her crib pre-maturely.) But really what “Consolidation” is, is a selfish act to get the baby out of our room and into her nursery, so we can sleep train her and I can drive again without feeling like I shouldn’t be on the road. We wanted to have something exciting for the girls for “Consolidation” and this major Guidecraft art table is just that. They already spend hours together doing art and we thought this would be a great “welcome to sharing a room” moment. It’s got all the fixins for hours of drawing and coloring and stenciling and stickering and hopefully we will discover all sorts of other activities that we can do, assuming I can stay awake to do them.