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This video circulated the internet for a hot moment and I swear, it probably made every parent sob. A Dutch artist chronicled his daughter from birth until twelve by filming her every week and compressing it into a two minute video. It’s beautiful and heart-wrenching at once, reminding every parent how quickly time lapses. Parents of older kids say they “grow up before your eyes,” and this video illustrates that point. I find myself paying more attention to baby toys right now, knowing that in a second they will be tossed into a donate pile. This hand-knit bee from Tane Organics is especially sweet and stylish. And it doesn’t hurt that it reminds me of my favorite line from my favorite movie, Best In Show: “No, that’s a bear in a bee costume.” Sold.

When my first two girls were born I ordered them vintage wallpaper boxes from this place in London that has since gone out of business. In them I keep ultrasounds and letters and special keepsakes for when they grow up. And like a nap schedule, I dropped the ball on many other things for my third child, including finding her special box all together. Her ultrasounds are stuffed in with all our unpaid bills, it’s true. Until now! This ah-mya-zing (Kristen Wiig’s pronunciation in Californians) marbled box will serve as Cleo’s precious place for all the things that are stuck in-between my parking tickets and over-due Conde Nast reminders. But hey, it’s actually a lot nicer than those wallpaper things.

May is kind of the bomb month for me. Mother’s Day, my birthday, anniversary. Boooom. I decided that Mother’s Day is the new Black. All the dads in the neighborhood were manning the kids while the wives were at “Barney’s, manicures and Soul Cycle.” I spent the afternoon with my own mom, shopping and making pitstops to pump, which was delightful. And Jon, bless his heart, picked a Mizuki silk ribbon and gold letter charm bracelet off of my Pinterest board which was a clever and much welcomed surprise. While that one is no longer available, these Catherine Michiels bracelets are, and would make a lovely next-holiday gift. (Which is next week, for me!)

We are going through an effing shit storm of a sleeping transition right now and the only thing that is giving me perspective is that every one of my friends has a newborn or is about to have one. We’re all in the trenches together. As my friend Eve (‘s baby nurse) said, “think of the community of moms who are up feeding their babies at 3AM while you are up doing the same thing.” Sweet point. Literally, it’s a nice thought. For about a minute or two and then I want to jump out the window. Personally, I love the one year mark, when you can deck out the crib with blankets and animals. It’s a good sleeping time when the baby is too young to manipulate going to bed but is also sleeping the entire night. This cheerful Aden + Anais blanket gives me hope that at some point, I will indeed get my rest again. It also doubles as a playmat until that one year mark hits.

This weekend we were at a very amazing Baby2Baby event in Beverly Hills with a Hawaiian theme. The girls wanted to get tattoos and so I offered to hang with the baby while they went. They basically came back five minutes later with sleeves. Let’s just say Rafi had a barbed wire around her upper arm. I was like, “Jon. Did you get them tramp stamps, by any chance?” The whole thing got filed under “Now I’m in charge of stuff like THIS.” I recently discovered this amazing company, Tattly, which has designerish, cool, temporary tats. My favorite are the cute gift boxes which would  be fun for anyone. And no, they won’t make your children look like bikers.

“It’s so chilly outside.” “It’s freezing today.” These are the things you hear in LA when the temp dips below 70 degrees. It’s cliched and ridiculous. I went to college in Michigan so you don’t know what “freezing” is, bitches. But there are moments, days even, when I miss the bundling, the furry accessories and the slouchy wool socks. I’ll never know the joys of decking out my girls in chubby sweaters and hand-knit hats (which I am told is joyful for about ten seconds, tops…shocker.) And then just in time for summer in LA, I discovered this amazing Etsy shop called Rainbow Mittens that sells these fluffy earmuffs alongside the most beautiful mittens (for all sizes!) Maybe I will tag along that ski trip next year….

“He brought a living thing into my house.” Call what it’s from. Well I happen to do better with indoor plants (see: outdoor herb garden summer ’09) and right now I am having a succulent moment, maybe because I have been glued to my computer and could use a friend. And since it’s such a California-friendly plant, it will feel right at home in my tile-splashed kitchen. Now all I need to do is figure out how (often) to take care of it and I think I’ve got myself a brand new boo.

*Answer: Sex and the City

This is how it went down: I went to the chiropractor, I got a Pertussus shot and then bam! Mastitis. Last week was not good times. I felt like I got hit by a Mack truck after already being sore from the chiropractor and then becoming an invalid from an injection (yet another reason to be anti-vaccines!) A friend told me the infection is a right of passage for any breast-feeding mother. Well F that…But just before the crash we purchased a super amazing piece of poloroid art from Jeremy Kost, the cewlest. The one we bought was commissioned for Stella McCartney and quite simply, it’s rad. Enough so to power me through the days and into the nights. Models give me strength!


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