My friends give me an empathetic eye roll when I tell them Cleo’s still getting up in the middle of the night. Because we all know that if you’re not sleeping, your days are effed. And even though there is always a slight chance of divorce at 3AM, I feel lucky to have married someone who gets up with me no matter how tired he is. Every night there’s been a brief but random dialogue exchange. Sample topics include Jeff Lewis, iced coffee, and what the Navy Seals have to go through for Hell Week (let’s just say it’s worse than having a newborn.) But apparently last night in my haze I asked whether he thought Charles Manson would get out on parole next year. When good thoughts like that pop into my head so early in the morn’ it helps to have something sweet like this little cocoon mobile fluttering about the room. And at times, it even helps me fall back to sleep.