Since I now have to “regulate” my shopping, when I fixate on something super impractical (meaning, I’d have to take it on and off throughout the day…which is usually everything at the moment,) I wait it out a bit to see if I get over it in my mind. If it’s still on the fore front in a week’s time, I usually go for it. From time to time that item is no longer available which has very much sucked since I am then ready to pull the trigger. For some time I’ve been eyeing this blush Acne leather vest because it’s cooler than its tighter, trendier counterparts. I imagine it with good worn denim. And I admit that when Jon negged it, (citing it too “Total Recall,”) it gave me pause, but not enough to keep it off my radar for good. However, because spit up and leather do not mix, I will force myself to wait one more week.