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I was a young child in ’70s Manhattan and our downtown apartment reflected the times. And I’m not talking chic, seventies burled wood furniture that everyone covets right now, but rather corduroy couches and snake pillows. This Ferm bean bag chair is a gentle reminder of uglier times, but in a super cool awesome version, of course! Stand it up straight and it’s a fun giant stuffed animal for snuggling while reading.

The birthday circuit is always so taxing. What to get, how much to spend, is he into this these days? Repeat. I have yet to find a go-to gift for an x year-old but I did find this today. Called an Itzabot, it’s a little customizable ceramic pot that grows grass which can be “cut and styled.” I thought it was the perfect lil’ somethin’ to tack onto any kid’s gift. And since you can choose from girly styles to monsters to robots, there’s something for everyone. It’s the Chia of tomorrow.

This post is a love note to a wonderful, old friend of mine who is going through a rough time with her daughter. My heart hurts knowing that she and her beautiful family are in pain. Her hardship has put all my stupid complaining and bitching over the past few days in its place, and I’d just like focus this moment on sending her all the support and prayers possible. We love you “Chiotka” and are here for you, always. Below, a little happy watercolor from Miss Capricho to brighten the day.

I made a last minute decision to join Jon and the girls for Coachella in Palm Springs, where most of LA will annoyingly migrate for the weekend. Last year was my first time and while there was noone playing that interested me, after a few cookies, Mumford & Sons actually sounded groove-worthy. This year, I will be over-seeing the daycare that will be moved to my in-laws house in the Desert, as I am not in a place lactation-wise to go to the shows. And never in a million years would I take the kids there but, if I were to go temporarily insane, might make each one of them wear this super ‘dippie crown that I found (and bought) from A Continual Bloosom.  Wellies not included.

Ever since I had kids I’ve had a complex that I am losing my edge. Should I finally be getting that tattoo, wearing wider leg pants or more vests or something like that to preserve whatever daytime cool factor is left (I still feel cool at night.) And yet there seems to be even lesser things I can do to still play the part. The least invasive seems to be switching up the nail shades. And I say this because there is no way that powder blue toes can look trendy, cheesy or tacky if there aren’t daytime heels involved. (I see these things in LA so I am a bit paranoid.) But lo and behold, after reporting on these Thakoon by Nars limited edition nail polishes, you just might see me sporting some aqua toes in my Birks. Word is that they are coming out May 1st.

My friends give me an empathetic eye roll when I tell them Cleo’s still getting up in the middle of the night. Because we all know that if you’re not sleeping, your days are effed. And even though there is always a slight chance of divorce at 3AM, I feel lucky to have married someone who gets up with me no matter how tired he is. Every night there’s been a brief but random dialogue exchange. Sample topics include Jeff Lewis, iced coffee, and what the Navy Seals have to go through for Hell Week (let’s just say it’s worse than having a newborn.) But apparently last night in my haze I asked whether he thought Charles Manson would get out on parole next year. When good thoughts like that pop into my head so early in the morn’ it helps to have something sweet like this little cocoon mobile fluttering about the room. And at times, it even helps me fall back to sleep.

Since I now have to “regulate” my shopping, when I fixate on something super impractical (meaning, I’d have to take it on and off throughout the day…which is usually everything at the moment,) I wait it out a bit to see if I get over it in my mind. If it’s still on the fore front in a week’s time, I usually go for it. From time to time that item is no longer available which has very much sucked since I am then ready to pull the trigger. For some time I’ve been eyeing this blush Acne leather vest because it’s cooler than its tighter, trendier counterparts. I imagine it with good worn denim. And I admit that when Jon negged it, (citing it too “Total Recall,”) it gave me pause, but not enough to keep it off my radar for good. However, because spit up and leather do not mix, I will force myself to wait one more week.

Years ago before the brogue rage, my then-retail partner Renee and I were shopping the showrooms for Presse, our LA boutique when she called it. “These are gonna be the next big thing,” she said and pointed to a pair of rogue brushed silver oxfords in a long line of same-old boots and flats. Years later, to quote the Legend of Billy Jean, they are, “effrey-where.” And can you go wrong with oxfords for kids? No you cannot. This Italian line called Annielmoda has jazzy styles for you and your youngster in both patterns and solids (I prefer a sparkle shoe for the under ten set.) And while the style might not be front page news, it certainly is here to stay.


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