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My addiction to Pinterest is in full-swing. When my friend Jamie asked me to help decorate her new house in Venice by Pinteresting from my computer, I thought it was kind of brill. And then I started really exploring and got all these ideas for myself. Such as: I am obsessed with these DL skateboards from Brooklyn but am way to psycho to get them for my little girls. But then I got inspired by a kid’s room with decks hung as art and I had a moment. That’s just one example of how Pinterest is solving my problems. Not to mention, it all feels very friendly on there: blogs follow other blogs and famous people follow non-famous people. I like the whole culture. Below, my new wall art, thanks to “Lulu’s Art Filled Downtown Digs.” What’s next? Pinterest cures cancer.

I feel like I could satisfy a lot of my own needs if I just learned how to knit. Then I could create the ultimate, chunky sweater of my dreams, leg warmers for my girls and tons and tons of blankies (because I am a blankie junkie!) But no. I am a great finder and a great shopper but crafty, I am not. I kind of understand why people think I might be that girl, but I am actually the furthest thing from her. I recently discovered what-would-be-my fave store if I were still in NY, called Purl Soho. While I was captivated by all the gorgeousness on their site, they (sadly) only sell patterns, of which I imagine I would stare at all day long, feeling badly for myself. Unless I enlisted a knit wit, then maybe I could get something done…Takers?

“Are you ready to party, West Hollywoooood!!??” Soul Cycle has arrived in LA. And even though I kicked off my cycling tour with the cheesiest instructor ever, I admit, I kinda drank the cool-aid. When Jon informed me that I really won’t lose the last few pounds of babyness by reading Harper’s Bazaar on a Precor machine, I decided (at the encouragement of some NY friends) to go hard on the bike, even though I have been a Spin hater for years. And although I feel as if I am on The Biggest Loser (so outta shape!) I have to say that my endorphins are thanking me. On a different transformative note, another thing I’ve been hating for years (but am now loving) is coconut water. I read about Harmless Harvest and I swear it tastes like toasted coconuts for only 45 cals. The electrolytes are the perfect compliment to my new found love for the “ride.” Now all I have to do is get the balls to swing around my towel in the air. True story.

I am currently on a mission to find cool wall stickers for when Cleo moves into her nursery. In part, I need to cover up some holes that will be left from something mounted, but mostly, I’m not convinced we’ll be in this house long enough to warrant new wallpaper. But I’m kind of digging all of these decals on the market and it’s no shocker that Etsy is a wealth of groovy wall stickers. I found these awesome Rad Raspberry robots and if I had a baby boy, I would plaster them everywhere. Because I love me some robots. And yes, they could go in a girl’s room but I’m not sure they will compliment the British flamingo and the puffy cloud mobile?

I woke Jon up at 3am, convinced I had pink eye. The only way he will engage in conversation at that time of night is if it’s something that will affect him, so we had a full-blown interaction about my symptoms, who to go see, how to get there and if I really needed to go. Anyway, it turns out I am just really tired. I am calling it Bloodshot-Chic. But there is something about an obsession-worthy new find that will wake me right up. The Berlin-based Noe & Zoe is one of the coolest collections I’ve seen in a long time and I want it all: the soft crowns, the star capes and the sleeping sacks. It’s fantasy for the kids, but in a wearable way, which is something I can get behind. Now if I can only get behind some Visine.



I’ve posted my love for Tamar Mogendorff’s handmade creatures a few different times but have since found a new, UK based fixation. Abigail Brown makes the most extraordinary fabric birds (yes, I was tempted to get the black swan!) but made the flamingo my current obsession. Since I’m not one to shy away from “asking” (my indoor custom Karen Kimmel tee pee might be a good example,) I inquired about Abigail’s building me a life sized bird that could tower over Cleo’s crib. But…not so much. The price tag and the shipping procedure actually gave me slight palpitations so for once in my life, I did the normal thing and purchased something as-is. Not that this is a normal purchase, but you know what I mean.

My friend Deb just told me she is having a son. I was like, “Mazel! I know nothing about boys.” But I do know that there is something about little dudes in tank tops that just gets me. Grown men in tanks? Not so much. But a five, six, seven year old with scrawny little arms…it’s all too cute. One of my have brands, Goatmilk, just sent me their Spring look book, featuring none other than the ultimate stripey boy’s tank. Not that your son needs to wear fingerless gloves with them but it does complete the look. Or maybe Jon has just been making me watch too much 24/7.

During my “maternity leave,” my Sis In Law schooled me on the wonderful world of Pinterest. I invite you all to join me in this madness. I even got Jon obsessed, but for those of you who know him, that’s no shocker. He is super into visuals, to say it nicely. I am slowly making a “Covet Board” for myself of all the things I want for Spring that I hope to fit into down the road. But for now, the only things I can tolerate trying on are shoes and clutches. The rest is all American Apparel at the moment because let’s face it, I’ve just been hanging out with Cleo and reality television. Here, Acne’s fresh take on clogs for Spring, a brand I used to carry at my shop. Pinned!

Tonight it took me until I got to Whole Foods to realize that I was wearing an Aden + Anais swaddle blanket as a scarf. And then I bought lithium batteries for the vibrating chair by accident. And then I tried to get into someone else’s vehicle. Good times!  My friend Eve tells me to think about all the mamas around the world who are up at 3am, breastfeeding their babies, in an effort to remind me that I am part of one tired, global community. So, as I write this post with one hand while holding a little dreamer in the other, I am giving shout outs to all the other ladies who are as sleepy and grouchy as I am (Maira, Stacey B!) Here, a Hug A Planet pillow that will help you point out all the places you want to take your baby while reminding you of your place in this world.

In my newly stressful days and nonexistent nights, I feel more tired than ever. And reaching for that 5:00 glass of wine has not helped matters. In fact, it’s simply adding to the overall puffiness. I read about these Nuun electrolyte tablets (the packaging caught my eye, natch,) and finally tried the Citrus one when I spotted it at our local bike shop yesterday. Jon annoyingly pointed out that there is sorbitol in it (he gets self-richeous about fake sugar but asked our Baby Nurse to share her Chick-fil-A!) so you can say it’s sort of a diet sports drink, if you will. Regardless, it’s helping me along through my sleep deprivation and actually giving me enough energy to deal with my life. I fully endorse this product as a great new-mom drink…


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