I keep my kids on the straight and narrow during the week because the weekends are filled with gluttonous parties drowned in pizza, apple juice and sugary cake from a Mexican bakery (an LA spesh.) I don’t know if all the oatmeal and salba seeds in the world could cancel out those birthday binges. With my own daughter’s birthday fast approaching, I am not going be the one to sub bagels and coffee for kale and quinoa but I will perform some trickery with the birthday cake. Babycakes, one of my favorite vegan New York spots, has just opened a second LA location on Larchmont, where we make our weekly Farmer’s Market runs. I’ve since learned that they’ll make agave-sweetened, gluten free birthday cakes that would fool both parent and child. And if you don’t live in the neib, they sell their cake mix on their site. Take that, Sprinkles.