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Ripe with hormonal outbursts, night sweats and greasy hair, it’s been a long hamster wheel-like month. “You need to be strong, mommy….It’s all going to be fine,” my Guatemalan nanny says. I’ve embarrassed myself one too many times in front of her. And it is fine. And also hard. And also blissful. And also overwhelming.  So in my world of littleness right now, I am re-discovering the little things that remind me of how fast time flies. I remember how both Gemma and Rafi outgrew outfits before they had a chance to wear them and I’m not sure either girl ever sported the crochet Makie pom pom booties which I bought in a bout of excitement. And as I look at these small diapers, onesies and hats, I am trying to actively hold on to this itty bitty phase, which I know is fleeting. Here, a little number from Teenytini which could get one (maybe two) wearings.

I keep my kids on the straight and narrow during the week because the weekends are filled with gluttonous parties drowned in pizza, apple juice and sugary cake from a Mexican bakery (an LA spesh.) I don’t know if all the oatmeal and salba seeds in the world could cancel out those birthday binges. With my own daughter’s birthday fast approaching, I am not going be the one to sub bagels and coffee for kale and quinoa but I will perform some trickery with the birthday cake. Babycakes, one of my favorite vegan New York spots, has just opened a second LA location on Larchmont, where we make our weekly Farmer’s Market runs. I’ve since learned that they’ll make agave-sweetened, gluten free birthday cakes that would fool both parent and child. And if you don’t live in the neib, they sell their cake mix on their site. Take that, Sprinkles.

Let me tell you that being back in the world of newborndom is a real hoot. I forgot everything. Like when I asked our baby nurse what I am supposed to do with the baby once she stops sleeping so much (her answer: put her on a mat, do tummy time, take her for walks.) Oh right. And when she informed me that the baby should get a bath every night or every other night (like that will happen,) I couldn’t even figure out how to place the newbie tub-thing on the sink. But the deliciousness and the memory of the sweet little noises all came rushing back, along with a newfound curiosity for who this person will become, even in just six months from now. And since it feels like ages since I last had a newborn, there is a whole new crop of baby stuff that is capturing my attention. One of which is my new favorite baby gift, a foam footprint kit from Marlies Von Soden which you display in its stylish foil packaging and is way chicer than the Color Me Mine footprint we made for Gem. But then again, what did I know back then?

Macaroon Original is on Maternity Leave. See you when I can see straight!



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