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I remember as a boutique owner getting unusually excited over finding brands that my partner and I loved and thought would work well in the mix. At times we didn’t care how they’d be received if they were just too cool to pass up. Other times we’d find things so right for the LA market, that they became a no-brainer. Yesterday I tripped upon a Brazilian designer called Gilda Midani whose line is a combo of both “too cool” and “perfect-for-my-LA-life.” Sadly she isn’t sold many places yet so I’ll have to wait until she explodes a bit more (which takes the excitement out of finding someone under-the-radar.) For Spring there’s no shortage of bright harem pants and flare-sleeve tops, weekend clothes at their best.

One of my dreams is to create a capsule collection of tees for kids. So when I come across a perfectly smushy style with edgy graphics to boot, I feel foiled. (Again! ) To date I’m in love with the tees from Curio + Kind which have cool kid images but grown-up  cuts. (Yes, I’ll say that over-used expression: Wish they were in my size.) But I’ve never really said that before and I actually mean it. Style him or her up as your would yourself: with slouchy harem pants or mini boyfriend jeans. And don’t feel badly for projecting, at times it’s only natural.

While I still read every magazine on the newsstand (from British Conde Nast Traveler to Australia Vogue Living to Food and Wine,) I’ve found that the more incredible children’s publications live online. Just recently I discovered  Babiekins, a Southern California pub (yes you heard that right, playas) with photo shoots that are so awesome but also make you laugh when you think of how your kid would freak out if you tried to turn them into a human pom pom and then take their picture. So editorial! There are some damn inspirational images with lots of great looking kid’s rooms to boot. And while Cookie it’s not, sometimes we just need a li’ aspiration over the reality of a looming Black Friday.

My love for superstar headbands is in the same vein as my self-admitted obsession with headresses. They’re editorial, they’re festive, and they rest on the bean. Just recently I discovered Lieshen Mueller, a very cool German company that makes whimsical clothing, fly-looking stuffed animals and tiara-eque headbands. Their hand-made look will transform any little outfit while adding a cool element to dressing up.

Though I love the concept behind vintage pieces, I’ve just never been that girl. I’m not convinced I still have the figure to pull any of it off (why did every decade love a cinched waist?) and all my funds seem to go to whatever-Marni-is-currently-in-stores anyway. But there is something about a sweet retro look for kids that gets me every time. Throw ’em in a field, make them wear a garland on their head and you have an instant photo spread. I recently discovered these heirloom dresses from Fabrik Store and I just can’t help but think that every little girl needs that one dress in which to go barefoot. What a photo op!

This post is a love letter to both my favorite new online store, Thumbeline, and their exclusive Birdskull head pieces, with which I am obsessed (note my former posts on Little Doe, Wovenplay and Simone Agency headdresses….This is clearly a pattern.) Not only is this site California-based, proving that we actually have style and taste, but they are committed to making the best Euro lines more accessible to us ‘Staters. And look, no $50 shipping fee from Germany, what a treat! Another treat? Check out this little punim, below!

When you pass things down from big to little bro/big to little sis, it’s easy to justify splurging on stuff for the eldest. Double that sentiment for families who have three of a kind. In terms of the every-day splurge, my friend Jewels (a former stylist/designer) said it best: “I was sending London to school in a $45 tee-shirt only for her to return a complete mess.” True that. So while my Pre-School picks have remained sale situations for the most part, I do like a few really stylish hand-me-down that will stay the course. This Stella McCartney sweater dress will make it’s way through more than one family. Weekends only.

I love when it rains in LA because it’s always big news. No but literally, the news will say that a “storm is coming,” and then when there is a slight downfall, people stand by the window and talk about it as if it were Irene.  So on a day it happened to rain, I had a work-related meeting in Santa Monica (which turned out to be sunny upon my arrival,) and was bummed that I wasn’t wearing a cooler pair of rain boots (I am officially over my Hunters.) I was recently introduced to these cool Ilse Jacobsen styles with ties that you can lace up half way, making them look even cooler. Tossed over tights and a floral dress and you’ve got yourself one rainy day look.

We decided to move our girls into the same room once Rafi is old enough for a bed because we think it will be good for their sisterly bond. And every time I think I’m going to be met with resistance, they both seem down for the merger. Excited, in fact. So of course I’ve been designing the space in my head for months, but when Gemma announced that she wanted a bunk bed, my game was thrown. Out went my vision for matching white knobbed twin beds with different stuffed Unicorn heads above each one. And then the quiet hunt began ans what I arrived at was this: in a girly room with petal pink and fuchsia Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, sleek furniture will offer the best style balance. And when I turned to Ouef, my favorite “sleek” furniture line, I found what has now become my new vision…..

One of my most fashion-y friends Lawren asked me about special, monogrammed baby blankets for a family member. I told her that when Gemma was born my mom bought her Olatz crib bedding, simple white sheets with antique lace, a true keepsake. But just recently the ladies at Babycinno introduced me to Tulip+I, gorgeous linens from a lovely designer in Toronto whose crib sheets, pillows and sleep sacks I consider to be modern keepsakes. Printed with Italian nursery rhymes on washed linen, they are about as charming as they come. And while my younger daughter is quickly outgrowing her crib, I am working on getting Tulip +I to make styles for twin beds. Stat!


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