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A lot of my preggie friends ask me for beauty recs when they realize their skincare is packed with retinol derivatives and the like. And along with some of my favorite brands like Nude, Tata Harper and Organic Pharmacy, I tell them about this all-natural and organic, raging hormone friendly scent from Honore Des Pres, called Love Coconut. Not only is it a delightful smell for any trimester, the packaging is dope and takes me back to my days when I was rushing around NYC with a hot brew (soon to be traded in for green tea with steamed soy, c’mon people.) The other scents in the line are equally as satisfying. Bun or otherwise.

When my friend Courtney claimed her two year old twins were cruising around on this Early Rider pedal-free bike I thought, No chance. But my active little two year old daughter wants nothing more than to be outside so I  gave it a go. The first run wasn’t so successful. Meaning, Jon emerged from running her around the block, sweating, and bitching because he was so hunched over. And then came the complaints about his back. Good Lord. But once Rafi got the hang of it, she was speed walking it back and forth on her own, which will ultimately teach her how to balance on a real bike. And because there are no pedals, she was able to wear her Sarah’s Silks fairy skirt the whole time. Kind of brilliant.

To m’ladies who hate Disney movies because they believe they send the wrong message to girls, I say this: if your daughter grows up having only received ideas about what it takes to be a woman through Disney movies, you’re in deep shit. I played with Barbies non-stop and by no means did I grow up to think that their anatomically incorrect figure represented a woman’s ideal shape. I’m JUST saying. What’s wrong with a little girl wanting to be a (prototypical) little girl when we all know she has plenty of time to find herself and kick some ass while doing so? This limited edition Bottle Blond Jewels vintage charm necklace represents to me, something a little girl longs for. It’s dainty, fun, and playful. And don’t worry, she could still have plenty of Martin Margiela in her future. While being the bread winner. In a lesbian couple.

For my daughter’s Pre-School, we have to seriously tone it down. Meaning: no skirts, dresses, sparkles, sandals, and let’s just say accessories need to be “Minimal Chic.” So I’ve been on the hunt for really cool separates that she can mix and match everyday while she does her gardening, yoga, and hunts for treasures. I’ve always loved Ada Ada for their layerable pieces that are uniquely gender neutral, so brothers and sisters can share almost every piece. (Ding Dong!)  This season I’m obsessed with their fold over jackets and raglan sweatshirts. And I can imagine the little guys in her class sporting the sleeveless hooded vests for nature hikes. After all, “toned down” just means “effortless” in my book.

I knew I was in for it when Gemma’s mermaid costume arrived and she screamed, “I wanna open it, can we open it, I wanna hold it, just let me hold it!” Good Lord. It reminded me of myself when I used to splurge on Chloe, bring it home and just caress it. And when we realized they sent a size ten by accident, I told her we needed to send it back which was (naturally) met with “Noooooo!! Can I wear the cape? Then lemme just wear the cape, Can I watch Elmo in the cape?” In the meantime, I found a unicorn costume I liked even more from Sarah’s Silks and tried to entice her, but to no avail. The fins win. But for those of you still in need…

My older daughter has a crazy strong will which she doesn’t get from me as I am a total wimp. She majorly freaked-out before getting one of her shots, but for her follow up visit she said, “I’m not gonna cry when I get my shot today.” And when the little arm went out there were no tears and that was that. Again…I’ve been known to faint after getting blood drawn, so…Just recently Gemma announced to me that she was going to stop biting her nails because she doesn’t see anyone else doing it (I happen to still bite my nails, but in private, ok?) I said when we start to see some growth we could celebrate with getting some funky non-toxic nail polish, which she was all over. I was introduced to Hopscotch Kids, an amazing line of vegan, paraban-free polish for piggies and love everything about it. And after choosing a pale lavender and a sparkling blue, we are officially hands free. ***And please note that the charcoal gray is super cool for little guys! Or for little guys with super cool moms, rather.


macaroon original: dress the part

2:00 PM, OCTOBER 6 2011

The following is a guest post from Macaroon Original.

At times it’s hard for me to relinquish control when my daughter get dressed and often I have to bite my tongue when she emerges in striped clam diggers, an inside-out floral tank, a tutu and purple Toms.

“Look!” she says. And while I know I’m supposed to reply with an “effective” compliment by describing in detail what she put on and then attributing a positive adjective, most of the time I find myself trailing off, “Cool, Gem….” So not effective. My bad.

But having special little pieces from Wovenplay’s artful, unique collection makes the madness look pretty rockin’. Because throw a reversable cape over that ensemble and you’ve got yourself a really dope Super Hero Ballerina. And canvas and jeweled tiaras and hand-made “leis” will be a sweet final touch to any “look.”

I vowed to stop buying my kids expensive barrettes due to their complete disregard for them. I shudder when I think about how much I’ve spent on the lil’ clips as they seem to disappear into thin air. Tragic. I was about ten H&M Hello Kitty barrettes deep when I found these Hello Shiso styles that made me want to curate a whole new barrette collection (Yup! I used an art word.) And while I’ll have to keep a watchful eye on them, it might be worth it. I don’t know, ask me that question next time  I’m hunting through stroller pockets and car seats.

We have a wedding in the mountains over Halloween weekend and are asked to “turn into your favorite forest creature” late night. What does this mean? What should I choose? Should I go more Eyes Wide Shut or Trick Or Treat? Sigh…Why is life so hard. For my kids, however, choosing a Halloween costume was easy. Gemma fixated on being a mermaid and while I got creative with Rafi’s last year (she went as Dancing With The Stars,) I will most likely manipulate her into being a flamingo or goldfish (costumes I found on Etsy for a Glo story.) But this Talc sweatshirt, offered in a different version every year, is like extending Halloween for months. Trick them into looking like a rabbit on every chilly day….What a treat!

***Also, I will be guest blogging for Lucky Kids for the next two weeks!


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