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My husband and I have been attempting to go to Japan for years but the trip keeps getting thwarted (Pregnant. Newborn. Massive Radioactivity.) We’ve only stopped through Narita Airport en route to China, but if that place is any indicator of what the country is like (clean, organized, amazing reflexology) then sign me up for a visit as soon as the air purifies. But since I’m not holding my breath for that to happen, in the mean time, I have to rely on Japanese imports like sake, those awesome puffy stickers and this crazy little line for kids called FAFA Tokyo. Even the name…! A little goes a long way so choose wisely but enjoy the (fashion) trip.

Lately I’ve had a resurgence of love for One Kings Lane, but particularly for the weekly Tastemaker Tag Sales. Pro’llem is…You can’t buy anything because eighty percent of the inventory is already in someone’s freakin’ cart by the time the sale posts! These off-price sales are very, very tricky. Just last week I found (not scored, mind you, but found) this amazing vintage tufted cane settee for which I do not have the room. So yes, it’s a good thing that it was in someone’s dumb cart. If you tune in on Tuesday evenings with me you can become my competition. I seriously welcome it.

My good friend Sarah is having a baby any second and didn’t want to find out the sex. Which is just rude to do to all your friends who are dying to know. For some reason I get super anal about newborn gifts and need to have them ready as the child is emerging from the canal, so those with an unidentified gender usually have me stumped. But, not only is this sweet little line called Goat Milk organic, (Sarah leans toward the au-natural side, to say it politely,) it’s neutral colors are perfect for both a Henry or Henrietta (Henry is my name prediction for her potential son.) And with ribbed and pointelle options, the little tanks and thermals are simply charming. I highly recommend the heather grey onesies for friends who are selfish enough to make you wait the whole ten months.

As many of my friends know, home design is my “happy place.” It’s how I divert myself from slinking into the depths of hell of my own mind before I go to sleep. Meaning, I switch from thoughts on terrorism to thoughts on wallpaper, just so I can get some damn rest. (Let’s just say I’m still doing the work, people.) Just recently, I found this Animal poster by Stephen Johnson, a nice little distraction from myself. And love it so much, I kind of wish it were offered as a wallpaper option. You can frame it, which is what I would do, or let your kids color it in. There’s nothing precious about it and I can’t imagine a child who wouldn’t love to have this hanging in his crib. (And by “crib” I mean “room.”) Both sweet and captivating….It’s just what someone needs to look at before bedtime.

My husband got me hooked on 24/7, a weekly boxing documentary which leads up to the Mayweather-Ortiz fight, so I’ve made a habit of reading some kind of estrogen-surging magazine while watching it. This week it was British Elle Decor which I either read voraciously or casually flip through. In the Editor’s Letter, there was a lovely still life of random stuff which included this Victoria and Albert pattern book set, from the V&A museum in London. I love collecting pretty, colorful books, whether they are major tomes or just decorative pieces. I did a quick search and found them on, your friend and mine, Amazon. So I tacked on these sweet little nothings to an order of ballet shoes and sippy cups, natch.

Why there is Halloween shit in CVS already, I really don’t know. But pop in for a tube of toothpaste and dressing up will be all your kid talks about. Gemma already decided she will be a mermaid (an obvious Ariel reference) though I am trying to convince her to explore other options. An ’80s rocker! An East Village punk! A Beatnik! (And…All rejected.) But I found one option of which we both might approve: a Native American tween. (I assume three year olds don’t wear the actual headdress.) I found this beautiful editorial piece (which made it onto the cover of some Vogue Enfants) for sale at Simone Agency in Australia though I am positive you can find a version of one at your neighborhood Tarjay.

Upon trolling Etsy for a mask for a friend’s wedding (which will require a whole new post,) these dragon knit boots caught my eye. They’re unisex (a rarity) so they can be passed down from bro to sis and vice versa. Don’t be scared by the listing for a “crochet pattern for toddler cozies”. A DIY girl I am not, in fact knitting needles make me light-headed. But luckily the artist will graciously create your kid custom cozies (a word I will now fold into my fashion vocabulary.) And these ain’t no Uggs, so don’t even let your mind wander into scary territory.

It never gets cold enough in LA for earmuffs which is a cryin’ shame when you’re aware of how cute these furry little discs are these days. As a New York kid in the mid-80s, we flipped our lid for Freaky Freezies. You know…fashion technology! But nowadays, we have chic little ‘muffs like these from Little Paul and Joe. I can hear the ski slopes calling…Sorry, not for me (hell, I’m done with the cold weather!) but for someone small enough to sport these sweet lil’ kittens.

Jon and I have been looking for a statement making photograph for the entry to our bedroom for quite some time (it’s rare that we both fall hard for the same artist.) But once we tripped upon Jackie Nickerson’s striking African images, we knew we had to make it happen. This one speaks to us in different ways: for him, the Nike sweatband is powerful cultural commentary, for me, the subject exemplifies a strong woman and serves as a great message to our two young daughters. But on a fluffier note, we both feel it will look cool-i-o against our Florence Broadhurst metallic eggplant wallpaper….We’re really not that deep.

Let me just say that I was gifted this Name Your Tune CD, which at first sounded a little corny, but good G-d, it’s a winner. How they insert your child’s name into every song I do not know, but I guess that is part of the appeal. And who doesn’t like a little mystery with their kid’s music? I personally think there is a groovy folk artist duo in their studio singing about Rafi. And since I like to promote dance parties I think the perfect gift would be this CD along with a super cool tutu or whatever your kids like to wear when they dance around the room….Or is it only my kids that get decked?


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