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Despite a T Magazine article stating that shopping seasons are now obsolete, I still feel the same gentle rush of excitement over incoming September merchandise as I did when I went back-to-school shopping at Benetton. And while Barney’s may not be fully stocked yet (refer to T article for details!) sweet chunky knits, scarves and ponchos for kiddos are making their way into stores and e-shops. Here, my fave brand-right-this-moment, Bobo Choses, and just about the cutest umbrella sweater that you wish your gram whipped up for your son (which would never happen because who’s grandma is that cool?) And yet, when Gemma stepped out of her room this morning in a reversible print flair skirt, a home-made tie-dyed tank, bracelets stacked on both wrists and ankles and…wait for it…a side pony, I got yet another flashback to my United Colors days.

After tearing through just about every September issue, my Fall obsession is really reduced to my LA winter mainstay: high quality knits. ‘Round here they can be worn as jackets all winter long so in my mind, it’s a two-for-one purchase. But a Top Shop sweater won’t cut it. I want a hand-knit-grandma-style-that’s-luxurious-but-super-stylish-at-the-same-time. All with a Kill Yourself price tag, of course. Hard to find! But I’ve dished it out a few times over the years and it’s always been worth it. And guess what, there’s nothing effing trendy about these pieces so you seriously will wear them in years to come. I owe a big thank you to T Magazine, my prized connector to all-things-cool and my gentle reminder that I am from New York, whether I wear sweaters as jackets or whatever. It turned me on to Lemoine-Tricote, a French designer who makes souped up mohair, alpaca and bamboo styles, all somewhat convertible, all somewhat offensively expensive. And yet I stand by my word: the splurge is worth it.

When it comes to going to sleep, I’m not sure how much more manipulative my kids could become. Rafi, twenty-two months, postpones the ending of every book, insists on brushing her teeth for an hour (she barely has any but we humor her) and tells me she’s peed when she hasn’t. Gemma, three and a half, likes to pop out of bed to tell me that her dolls can’t fall asleep, she’s having bad dreams about porcupines (or another random animal) or that she needs a “shorter blanket.” To all this, I say, Don’t bullsh*t a bullsh*itter, kids. The only thing I know to do to make the process more pleasant for me is to soup up their bed, design-wise. Enter Soft Gallery embroidered pillowcases which I ordered from Little Fashion Gallery in Paris. Oh yes I did. They’re cute and spunky and let’s just say they better be adorable because I am not paying for no return shipping. Normal people will find equally as cute ‘cases from stores in the US, like my favorite, Sweet William, who carries and array from the same brand.

Congrats to my New York love bugs, Renee and Daryl, who just had baby Sadie. Renee, my ex-retail partner and I used to dream of our each having two girls to tote to the Proenza Schouler show, back before we were both Of Advanced Maternal Age. Well that plan went out the window! Except for the “two girls each” part, I guess. And now a new fashion baby needs a new fashion sleeper. I can’t remember which of my million emails introduced me to these Knotties (Daily Candy…was that you?) but a cuter sleep sack has yet to be discovered.

News of starving children is torturous to anyone. But as a parent, it feels like a double-dose of torture. This post is an expression of gratitude for the most important thing we are able to give our own children, food and water. Meal time should never be taken for granted. And place mats from Modern Twist celebrate it by offering chic, Ruben Toledo-esque images, while allowing kids to doodle on them with washable markers. Let’s just say you’ll be wondering how that penne arrived so quickly. But this should also remind us of the thousands and thousands of little ones in East Africa who are desperate for meal time. If you’re like me and have a hard time figuring out which charity puts their money where their mouth is, my dear friend Eve in the Non Profit world insists that the American Jewish World Service is as straight-shooting as it gets. Let’s help let’s help let’s help.

Featured Designing Mom: Zoe Schaeffer of Macaroon Original

by CAT on AUGUST 1, 2011

“Word of Mouth” is at a whole other level when it comes to motherhood…childcare, bottles, scooter brands, docs. I have never listened or shared more intensely. Today we have stylist and writer Zoe Schaeffer from the fab Macaroon Original recommending her favorite sites and brands. Zoe has two beautiful daughters, co-owned popular LA Boutique Presse, was an assistant to Anna Sui and beauty editor for magazines like Self… Phew! Her dossier is quite impressive and am thankful to have her lend some finds!

1) Smallable — Designer clothing, furniture, decor and toys for children from 0 to 12

“When I’m looking to be inspired or make that special splurge, I visit this Parisian e-tailer. The buying is impeccable and there are tons of things you can’t find here in the States.”

2) Jess Brown — Rag dolls: Hand-made & One of a kind

“I’m in love with these fanciful little dolls and have been ever since I discovered them while on a trip to San Francisco. They are special, chic, and totally collectible. I am slowly building a collection for my two girls.”

3) Romp — Toys, Dolls & Decor

“I heard a rumor this store is closing which is such a shame. They have artsy, eco, hand-made toys that are quirky and off-beat. It’s a well curated shop with special little finds. I particularly love the Shwe Shwe Friends key-rings which I hang on the girl’s backpacks. They remind me of the Prada robot versions that everyone had a few years back.”

4) Little Bean — Unique. Kids. Shop

“This Dallas-based store is such a gem. My mom tripped upon it years ago and it’s been a go-to for gifts ever since. It carries special lines like Little Warrior and Dagmar Daley.”

5) Donna Wilson — Critters and Products for you & your home

“I give Donna Wilson so much love, it’s insane. She makes these stylish little “critters” which are fun to throw on a rocking chair as well as these Nos Da “poufs” with which I am obsessed. We have a peach one in my older daughter’s room and she sits on it and braids my hair.”

When I moved to LA, I became a cliche by teaming everything with tees. Naturally I became obsessed with finding the perfect “gym grey” shade/texture/fabric and tried everything from Alternative Apparel to Dior Homme. I’m not sure what it is about that super-worn, about-to-break appeal that looks slammin’ with anything and everything. From time to time, I find kids brands who clearly share the same mind-set. Here’s one, in a head-to-toe pint size version from the lovely Nui Organics on a very cute little boy. Now just picture him playing dodge-ball for the full effect.

If you’re like me, you have a friend having a baby every month. And for a while, I was into the he’ll-grow-into-it gifts but now I’m back in love with buying true, newbornie stuff. I’ve always loved the beautiful brand Coral and Tusk but now I love it even more since I checked out their clean, new website. It makes me homesick for those hand-made, artsy finds that seem to pop up only in Brooklyn. I’m convinced these funky little booties will be my buys for “winter babies” (and you know who you are, you Scorpio and Sag boo-boos) and the array of colors and embroideries will make you want to boot every lil footsie in sight.

*Raise your hand if you caught the Stevie B. subject line 



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