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I’m finally emerging from lying in bed for 36 hours due to an insane never-ending migraine. For me, it was a first. But for those of you who get them regularly, you know that the sight of someone’s rolling a guillotine into your bedroom would be welcomed. I got one great thing out of my head-throbbing bed rest, however. I watched two eps of Home By Novagratz on HGTV and got to re-connect with my beloved family of nine. While I’d never be star struck by Brad Pitt, I’d sweat if I saw Courtney and Bob. In a totally gangster episode, they designed up a family’s New Jersey basement but featured the most awesome art organizer I’ve ever seen. I found it here at Moss and you can justify the price by moving it to the kitchen when the kids get older. Novies, you’re my heroes.

Over the years I’ve slowly learned to embrace California culture, both past and present. After eight years of LA life, I can truly say that my heart is now divided between my two coastal homes. Not only will my kids will be California-bred, my mom and brother now reside here too. What can I say? It’s a bitchin’ place to live. One of my favorite local galleries, M+B, had a Hugh Holland exhibit a while back, and I am still thinking about his photographs. They’re a peek into the untouchable skateboard scene in the ’70s, in and around Los Angeles. And their romantic, groovy vibe will make anyone who grew up during that time in New York wish he or she were cruisin’ down the boardwalk as opposed to lower Broadway.

Congrats to one of my besties, Eve, on the birth of her second son. He came a little early, so I had to be on my A Game with my Deluscious milk and cookies delivery (which, if you are in LA, is the best knock on your hospital door, ever.) In honor of little Ben, I am featuring a stork (or some other kind of bird that’s probably delivering something other than a baby) from Tamar Mogendorff, a cool Brooklyn artist with whom I’ve been a fan for years. I can picture it in a little nursery until the baby is old enough to ask what the hell is in the pouch?

Kelly Wearstler’s overly-published kid’s library (because she has enough rooms to make one a kid’s library) has convinced me that a book-facing-out shelf is the way to go. Ours are binds-out at the moment and simply not as pretty. I found this simple style at Land Of Nod which I think will make for a great book display and free up some extra room for storage to boot. And so many of the kid’s books have gorgeous covers, it’s perfect. Of course Buzz Kill Jon traipsed over to tell me that the piece is really shallow and won’t hold that many books and did I even measure the depth? And so now it’s a classic Schaeffer face-off.

As of late I’ve been obsessed with the idea of indoor throw pillows (so ’70s, I know.) But I can’t help but think how practical and chic they’d be in a California living room. When I came across these Tamara Magel printed styles, I was sold on the idea. I imagine heaps of them around a plush couch and a contrasting print rug. So cool, so retro, so needs to happen in the next house. Though they just might postpone our getting that King Charles.

My brother burned a bunch of movies for Gemma and since I cannot sit through .5 seconds of anything animated, had no clue as to which were appropriate for her age. Toy Story? Kill Bill Volume II? I am seriously out of it. Luckily I over-heard a super hip mom at camp say that Winnie The Pooh (out this Friday, people) is “going to be a good one.” I can’t imagine that Tigger would cause any trauma, so shall we say it’s a safe bet? On the heels of that info, I received an email from one of my favorite brands, Atsuyo et Akiko, about their collaboration with WTP. How does one make Piglet stylish? I’m not sure but they seriously managed.

It was the first day of school (meaning “camp,” at the moment) and as I’ve mentioned, dresses are officially out the door. It’s time to get dirty in the grooviest cargos, harems, short-shorts, and denim of all kinds (and you would know that I do mean “groovy” if you saw our wind-chimey pre-school.) And while boyfriend jeans never really did anything for my body, I find them to be OOC on little kids. I recently discovered Lindsey Bern’s super special collection of pinafores, peasant tops, and vintage-washed overalls. These “Ice Cream Jeans,” with which I am obsessed, are my favorite style, and (yay!) need not be shelved for weekends. I imagine them with a little white tank and Saltwater Sandals. And I just found our new school uniform.

On the heels of being super sick for the past few days, I’ve realized that even with the most competent/hands-on husband, when the mom is down, things go to sh*t. Like my rolling out of bed to Jon’s feeding the kids Pinkberry fruit toppings for breakfast. Which is great, because they’re like, picked fresh from a can. And then later he tells me that at the birthday party I slept through, “Rafi crushed 7 pieces of watermelon.” I was like, “JON. She’s al-LER-gic!”  If a child is deprived of something (and for good reason) yes, they will “crush it” when it becomes readily available. Luckily, however, he is also the husband that always puts the kids first. “Let’s just splurge on Jackie’s trampoline,” he announced, after we had been obsessing over a friends all-weather resistant bouncer. And while it was at the cost of postponing my getting a new MAC Book, I am so happy that when it comes down to it, he really just gets it. Even if the little one has to jump with hives.


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