Today my friend Joanna, bless her heart, educated me about “gum strength,” the power of a child’s gums in relation to her age. Apparently, age matters more than tooth count. It was a bit life changing as Rafi, now 20 months, still looks like a 95 year old man and so I continue to bark, “Chew!” “Chew!” “Rafi, chew!” But Joanna (who feeds my child all the time) pointed out that Rafi is “old” and so I should really just take it down a notch. On the heels of that parenting lesson, I’ve been super excited about my new favorite snack, Danielle’s dried whatever. Everyone is all into the pumpkin for the crazy health benefits, but there are lots of other fun flaves (here, I give my Okra shout-out.) And the packaging is obviously a huge draw, as it has that farm-y look that makes you feel as if someone picked those dehydrated fruits and veggies straight from the Earth and gave it to ya.

*By the way, the subject is a Seinfeld reference…But did I need to say it?