Sometimes I design something up in my mind to such a degree that I always disappoint myself when I can’t find the fabric/wallpaper/bed spread of my dreams. And I do mean “dreams” as textiles are my happy place when I start to drown myself in thoughts of terror before falling asleep. (So healthy!) For the past few years, I’ve been on the mad hunt for vintage Indian bright yellow fabric but cannot find it anywhere, though I have not yet tried Rajasthan. I was inspired by an art dealer’s Greenwich home in Elle Decor and haven’t been able to get it out of my thoughts since. So I was intrigued when these vintage Kantha quilts popped up on One Kings Lane today. They all got scooped up pretty fast (which is fine as none were yellow) and I bet they are kinda gorgeous at the foot of the bed. And maybe if I actually slept under one of my dream textiles I wouldn’t lose my mind so easily.