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I never thought of this blog as a way to communicate with old friends with whom I rarely speak but when my friend Alisha left a message saying she “hears my voice everyday,” my heart instantly warmed. Today’s post is an ode to Alisha, a friend from Conde Nast who always dresses the part. She was the first to own Chanel’s hooded boots, the one who bought the Balenciaga leather bomber vest (and wore it, that’s right, once) and the mama with the quilted Chanel diaper bag. If I were crazy enough, I’d buy these Stella day-of-the-week undies for Gemma, surely a find Alisha has already discovered for her beautiful girl, Ever. But for someone with the most over-the-top stuff, she is truly the most down-to-earth girl.

Last weekend we sojourned downtown with some friends and their kids to MOCA’s “Art In The Streets” exhibit. It showcased all-things-urban like graffiti, skateboarding (oh yes, they had a ramp and Venice skaters to boot) photography, hip hop, etc, in the museum’s Japantown warehouse gallery. From the spray-painted vintage cars to a simulated garage band, the kids really ate it up. So it was fitting that I was simultaneously introduced to this sick, edgy children’s line called New Generals which makes graphic tanks along with lots of splatter paint styles for Fall. And now that I am feeling nostalgic for my urban roots, I wonder if it’s appropriate to dust off the Timberlands.

Every now and then I get out of the house. Last Wednesday my dear friend Norah held a very small, very LA event for the re-launch of Baby2Baby, a charity that gives back to families in need, which is sure to be a big part of my life very soon. Los Angeles women who have mastered that chic, California look (flowy, bold prints, creamy shrunken leather jackets, chunky jewelry) are seriously stylish and ironically it’s this kind of dressing that is more “me” than that of my former days of stilettos in the snow. Knowing there would be a strong dose of well-dressed girls, I pulled out a few rabbits. One of them was my latest love, this Charlotte Oylmpia lucite clutch, which offers different inserts for different looks. One for each breezy dress, you could say.

I didn’t really know how my tie dye activity would all go down, but I have to say it was fun, relatively easy, and appropriate for a three year old. Now it doesn’t hurt that my mom has an art studio in her back house but I suspect that you can also manage on a scrap of pavement (urban peeps,) a patch of grass (suburban folk,) or even in your bathroom if you throw down mad amounts of plastic (everyone!) The Jacquard kit is the best and comes with all the fixins, as well as adorable cartoon instruction pages. We dyed wife-beaters, but tee shirt dresses and – I’m about to date myself – socks (think: rainbow E.G.s) would also be really groovy. Or just really ’80s.

Every time I get press I get a s*it of new readers and then feel responsible for actually having to say something interesting. Enter mental block. So this post is about as superficial as it’s gets but is about one of my all-time favorite topics: Lip Stains. Anyone with a baby or a child young enough to still want to be smothered knows that lip gloss during the day is nisht-nisht. My Chanel Glossimer in Spark is now reserved for the after 7 set. I’ve tried every brand of stain and will continue to test them as they enter the market because I am that obsessed. My new favorite find is Serge Lutens Water Lip Color which looks black but simply enhances the natural color of your lips. For instance, I have a lot of blue undertones in mine so it makes me look as if I’ve emerged from a pool on a chilly day, a look I find oddly attractive. So imagine your lashes just naturally looking longer or your hair appearing thicker-it’s like that. And you can kiss your babies all day long because this sucker is staying put.

I do admit to loving a good cape. I own a metallic plaid knit Marni, a zippered sweatshirt Lounge Lover, and a cashmere Lutz & Patmos. That should cover all my “cape moods,” wouldn’t you say? But kids love them for reasons which I believe to be super hero related. That’s just my guess. So it doesn’t surprise me that my newest favorite pint-size ponchos come from the magical world of Wovenplay, which makes clothing that border on stylish costumes. This one, (a collaboration with Bobo Choses, a personal favorite!) is from their fall collection, so we’ll all have to wait until our tikes can have their own little fashion fairytale. And now it’s full-fledged spring in LA, which means I’ve long retired my cape(s) even though there are plenty of times where I still want to make a quick getaway.

Most parents I know (myself included) lose the birthday bug once they have kids because they focus all their energy on throwing a great soccer/ceramics/petting zoo/fire truck party. When it’s finally your day, it’s like, Whatever. Maybe I’ll get reflexology. Well F that (still trying not to curse.) This year I plan to host a big, fat, obnoxious birthday dinner and my dear friend Sarah, a food-wedding decor-vintage extraordinaire gave me tips for Mason Jar centerpieces for chic, outdoor dining. She says: 1) A bigger, fuller flower looks best in 16 oz. jars (think: peonies, hydrangeas, echinacea) 2) Smaller, 8 oz jars can be lined up together with one huge, single bloom in each 3) Tie a rope around the top of each jar for a cool “farmhouse feel.” 4) Blue antique jars are the most stylish (even though I knew that one already.) She gave me plenty of other fun tabletop tips but you’ll have to check out her blog for more juicy nuggets….And just please don’t ask me how old I’m turning.

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Macaroon Original blogger, freelance beauty/fashion writer, and mom to Gemma and Rafi, Zoe’s day is a marathon of meals, dance parties, writing projects, costume changes, meetings, and—fingers crossed—a little bit of alone time. What we love most? She makes being busy 24/7 look fun.

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7:00 The progressively loud babbling from Rafi, 16 months, signals she is awake and then Gemma, 3, shuffles into our room with her mini Fancy Nancy library.

 Jon comes home from spinning with my “treat,” a tea latte from Urth Café. The girls act as if Elvis has entered the building. We all have breakfast: Rafi wants “oh-mm-el” and “ah-jsa” (oatmeal and eggs) and Gem wants a pancake and greek yogurt.8:00 Jon gets ready for work as I wrestle the kids into clothes. (Gemma chooses her Mini Rodini splatter dress and Baby Gap tights, Rafi wiggles into American Apparel karate pants and a Stella McCartney X Gap striped sweater.)9:00 Janette is here! Our beloved nanny gets running hugs from both kids. She takes them to play with their friends down the street or to my mom’s who lives around the corner. I vigorously work at home on my fashion and beauty freelance writing as the second the kids step back in the house, it’s all over.

 Gemma chooses an outfit for her ballet/tap class: an old-school Danskin leotard, a Japanese tutu and hand-knit leggings from Etsy! I couldn’t have styled it better myself.

 We trek to Sophie Dance, a rad dance studio near our house. The kids practice their recital moves to the latest Taylor Swift.

12:00 Today is our “ladies who lunch” day and Gemma and I head to Mauro’s Café at Fred Segal with a friend from class and her mom.

2:00 Nap time. I stop by one of my favorite shops, Eggy, to buy some gifts for friends’ new babies and the owner, Jennie, tells me about a new line that I want to include in my blog.

3:00 I meet my friend Michael for coffee to discuss doing his “mom” content for his new retail venture. It could turn into a major project which is exciting.

 Bath time! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. And lots of Knotty Girl “Marshmallow” conditioner.

 It’s time for “5:00 Dance Party.”  Mostly it’s my entertaining them with a healthy mix of fist pumping, interpretive dance and The Roger Rabbit. My iPhone serves as DJ: Adele, Muse, Radiohead and a lot of electronic.

 I make the kids dinner with one hand because Rafi insists on being held.

 Rafi goes night-night and Gemma gets ready for bed. After that its story time in our massive, meant-for-outdoors, Karen Kimmel customized Tipi that lives in our living room.

 I make dinner or we order in, depending upon my level of exhaustion. After that, I tuck myself behind the computer and use this quiet time to work on my blog, answer emails and pitch ideas.

 Feed my soul with mindless TV: Watch What Happens Live, Millionaire Matchmaker, Housewives. And yes, 60 Minutes so that I don’t get “dumber” from the rest of the line-up.

 Read my Philip Roth book about the polio epidemic. And by “read,” I mean, skim a few pages until I get so depressed, I have to re-focus on something superficial like decorating in order to fall asleep.

Photos courtesy of: Zoe Schaeffer

I love when I hear that old friends are doing really cool things. A long-lost editorial pal just got in touch to tell me about Two, her groovy new collection of caftans, tunics, and yup, kid’s tees. For those of you who have asked me about chic pregnancy clothes, well, here it is. Meaning, these are regular clothes that have enough “give” to keep you looking completely chic over the course of the year-of-expansion but then you’ll still want to rock them into the wee months of toddler-hood. The Brooklyn duo nailed it in terms of the fashion factor and I am begging them to bring the collection out to Los Angeles ASAP. Below, a breezy shot that somehow makes me want to do Ashtanga.

Inspired by the teenage glitter tattoo artist at Gemma’s third birthday, my sister-in-law purchased a full on body art kit for “morning downtime.” The other night she set the whole thing up on her desk, started tapping each glitter pot before opening, and basically could have charged us $125 an hour. My nephew Wyatt got a spider, Gemma got a moon and I got triple stars. Sadly, there were no Chinese character stencils because that would have been classy. And while the kit itself looks super chez, you better believe it is worth hours of fun: Play dates. Rainy days. And “morning downtime.” Almost fortuitously, SIL had a raging karaoke party the following weekend. So all tats were beautifully showcased while jamming to Wham! After lots of investigating, Lori claims this is the best set.


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