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I’m so not a perfume girl. But as an on-and-off beauty editor for the past decade, I’ve received countless bottles and I display the best-looking ones in my bathroom. For the past two days, Rafi, now 16 months, has thrown-up in her crib for some who-knows-why-reason and I feel as if the smell is literally clinging to the walls. It’s a pretty image, I know, if you can go there in your mind.  I’m just so grateful to live in LA because every window is wide open in February…Which brings me to the second thing for which I am grateful today: a beautiful Poppy Rouge (rose) fragrance from D. S. & Durga, a super chic brand that is seriously helping to make perfume cool again. And both the bottle and the packaging are brilliant-it’s definitely one to be displayed in the bathroom.

On the heels of making my first Exhibition A purchase (a mini Terrence Koh canvas of a seemingly neon rooster….random!) comes my obsession with the artist  Samantha Everton and her hauntingly surreal images. I’ve dreamt about this piece in particular, partly for the subject matter (sisters!) and partly for the striking color palette. I could attempt to go into other reasons why I am so drawn to the piece but it would probably just sound pseudo-pretentious (a very bad combination!) It’s always hard to explain why we get a visceral reaction to certain things so I’ll spare you by just saying that it’s one of my current covetables.

If you’re like me and expenses that were once alloted to accessories are now spread between pre-school, tap classes, throwing birthday parties, buying gifts and a nanny then there is really no room for error when it comes to buying something for yourself. Meaning, you better be obsessed and you better wear the shit out of whatever you are buying. Which brings me to these boots. Let’s just say I was so crazy for the Vivienne Westwood pirate boots back in the day (back, back in the day, pre-paparazzi madness) that I ordered them from the store in London. Not even online, over the phone. It was a $40 phone call (normal.) And when I saw someone in the Westwood fashion office photographed in a ankle boot version, I became fixated on finding a pair of what I will call, Pirate Ankles. With no such luck for years. UNTIL NOW!

There is such a thing as a “middle ground” in the kid’s market and it involves things that are marketed to little ones but really appeal to adults (see: like, thirty percent of my posts.) I always succumb to the “in between” stuff like dolls-you-can’t-touch, french coloring books and collectible robots. Those would be my favorite toys while tupperware and a deck of cards would be my kid’s picks. So Visionnaire’s mini library of “children’s books” by contemporary artists and photographers are right up my alley. Kooky, artful, highly stylized and will take a great deal of effort to explain to little ones. I think it’s okay to admit that  some things are better left on the shelf.

This post is really a three-parter and no part is related: 1) Apparently, Word Press “seized” my email account when I switched over from Tumblr so I haven’t received emails since JULY! So I apologize if any of you have tried to send me a note and got radio silence. So mad. 2) I am going to start to send out newsletters twice a week so if you prefer that delivery system, please sign up on the tab above. And I welcome feedback if you are anti-the-idea. 3) I was looking for a great image to reflect my mood but decided instead to post this insanely gorgeous, super styled photo from Harten, a photographer that my friend Sarah represents at her company Treehouse Reps. While all of her photographers are true talents, some lean towards an edgy look and some toward the whimsical. A few will even snap families (the only way I will get the gang in front of a camera.) And yup! Below image is a Celine Baby ad, natch.

My friend Joanna and I bonded over a shared dislike for Pinkalicious. She’s mad that it teaches kids to hate green food and I can’t seem to find a take-away message. Isn’t every book an opportunity to teach something new, preferably something that you couldn’t quite put into your own words? And just today, I bought that “I Like You” book that you shove in your mailbox for Valentine’s Day for your kid to find. Except the story was bizarre and talked about punching someone in the face (thanks Daily Candy for the rec!) So…..confused. But while the Oliver Jeffers books are off-beat in their own right, you can extract some kind of sweet moral to build on after the book ends (like the difference between feeling lost and feeling lonely.) And the illustrations are so special.

This was a monumental week because Jon took Gemma skiing in Deer Valley for three days. It was both monumental not only because he got a three year old to ski down a mountain (well, a “mountain,”) but also because it was the first time they had such concentrated time together. No in-laws, no nanny, no sibling buffer. Just good, focused fun! And even though there was a long melt-down one evening, they came home more in love than ever. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I miss it because it reminds me of New York and of college but I don’t really need it in my life. But to never experience it as a kid would be a true shame so I’m grateful that Jon grew up in sunny LA and craves the slopes. While they were away I had dinner with my good friend Aimee who is helping to launch a kid’s spin-off of Spirit Hoods, which is the perfect snowy accessory. It lets little ones become their favorite furry creatures while keeping them toasty. And the adult versions are so rad, they just might get me on the Bunny Hill.

I discovered Claire and her line, Ammalia, when her insanely creative jewelry made me stop in my tracks. I was still buying for my store and became fixated on her unique collection of mixed media bracelets and necklaces. Two and a half years later, we email almost everyday (mostly about art, fashion and global retail) and she keeps me posted on her ever-evolving collection. Just recently, she sent me a slew of necklaces which Gemma immediately usurped and now layers with her own Crew Cuts baubles and charms. It made me realize how children and adult fashion really do intersect at times (they have a radar for things that are cool!) I was searching for a great image from Claire’s newest line but this is the one that initially made me think of her as the creative genius that she is.

*Update: I am replacing the image with Claire’s newest work because it’s flat out sick. I keep dreaming up ways to wear it…..!

I’m not sure if it’s the age but my three year old only seems endlessly fascinated by animals. When she looks pensive and I ask what she’s thinking about, she says “porcupines and ladybugs” (which seems random, but whatever.) When she has a bad dream, it’s always about “giant dinosaurs.” And today when we went to pick out stickers she said, “Oh wait! I want those hens!”….Hens. I think animals play a special role in a child’s imagination and definitely, in their hearts.  It’s a phase I will hate to see end because it’s so touching to think that an earthworm or a guinea pig can change a little day (for the better, of course.) Below, a smushy friend from one of my favorite lines, Kenana.


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