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After your child is a certain age, you might wonder why you’d need to tote around that extra pair of leggings (save for the newly potty trained, that is.) Well, if your daughter is like mine and has a quick trigger when she has just the slightest bit of flem, it’s projectile city. At a friend’s birthday party last week, this happened. One minute there’s birthday cake going in and then next, it’s coming out. My first impulse was to try to catch it all in my hands, which is never a good look. Luckily a friend of a friend had an extra pair of worn pajama bottoms and when we got to the car, I just saw Jon shaking his head because he knew what had gone down. So for future upheavals, I will arm myself with cuter bottoms like these that I found on this gorgeous French blog.

My wardrobe has now become the ultimate mom cliche of polorized dressing: homeless person by day, style maven by night. Meaning, I actually spend money on things like “lounge wear” because I wear that. I ask you, Am I supposed to wear Nina Ricci and Mikimoto at the computer a la Carrie Bradshaw? Because it’s harem pants and a Free City sweatshirt. Pretty much all the time. But conversely, I have no problem hunting and gathering laser cut Alaia ankle boots or a sequin ALC bomber jacket. In my ultimate dream day scenario, I am wearing Hysteric Glamour jeans (Japanese denim that hovers around $500 a pair) and cashmere sweatshirts from Lucien Pellat-Finet. Also in my fake day wear are these super cool beat-upish Golden Goose high tops. They look innocent but they are something like $650. Dream on.

So much internal shopping going on as of late, let me tell you. I just finished a gift guide for GLO and am now doing a consulting project for holiday gifts for GILT. And I’m buying Chanukkah gifts, newborn gifts, birthday gifts for kids and also for friends (it’s the big 3-5!) And while I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, I truly love it all. The having-to-think-about-it thing is a wonderful excercise in remembering why you love that person/child so much. For the kiddies, my cool friend Lisa tipped me off on Trico Field in Beverly Hills. It carries cool Japanese brands (the epitome of cool kids clothing) and that’s about it. And the styling will inspire….

I have a new obsession with Blick Art Supplies. It gives me flashbacks to the Pearl Paint on Canal Street that we used to make special trips to when I was a kid (my mom was a hippie dippie colored pencil artist and wow, what a selection.) Art stores excite me as they represent possibilities. I could comb the aisles for hours, looking at all the different color libraries. As of late, Gemma has been our little helper while we’ve been hanging pictures and has become fascinated by the tape measure. Well at Blick, we found these super cool tape measures which are more like really handy toys. I mean, even the tools are exciting.

Sleep. Still a hot topic for me. I met a few veteran moms at a benefit last night who reitterated how fast “it” all goes by and how you forget those sleepless nights so quickly…..Well, they’ll have to tell that to my out-of-nowhere crow’s feet and puffy lids (I’m thinking of dedicating a post to eye products.) Anyway, when I saw this darling mobile (which is a little precious for me but I love how simple and clean it would be for a super modern, minimalist nursery)  I remembered how much worse it was in the very, very beginning….Point being, that was only ten months ago and I already forgot.

Yesterday morning I had breakfast with my old friend Lilah who wanted to reveal her adorable preggie state in person. Let’s just say that a former Elle Accessories Editor knows that delicate vintage gold jewelry and neon yellow sandals will make any trimester look fly. So this post is an ode to the power of accessories, but also to my friend Lilah who’s little girl will someday inherit a lot of cool shit. Below, tights that will make the outfit.

As of late, Rafi’s been waking up in the middle of the night and Jon takes her into the “Former TV Room” (soon to be the new bedroom) and sleeps with her on the couch. Aforementioned couch is also where we (sometimes) successfully get her to fall back asleep in the morning. It’s a real smushy, comfy, lush ultrasuede couch with these enormous throw pillows which I years ago copied from Anh Duong’s West Village apartment. All in all, it’s a great bed-substitute. But, we’re ditching it in about a week or so for obvious reasons and are now freaking out over where we are going to snooze with the baby. You might be thinking, just f&%king sleep train her already and you won’t care about the stupid couch. And that would be the correct line of thought. The morning-thing still bugs, though. Below, a couch for my next TV Room. Notice how it is built just for sitting…..

Today I went to the amazing Karen Kimmel‘s studio in far-away Atwater Village (got insanely lost, started bawling, and had to pull over a Highway Patrolman, natch) to pow-wow about out the custom tee-pee she is  creating for me. More on that later. But the meeting got me thinking about how special it is to personalize things (even if it’s just a groovy label or a vintage patch on a sweater.)  I heard about this cool piece-it-together party site, Acme Party Box, and tripped upon the most darling autumnal little “Woodland Crown.” It’s handmade and uses both vintage and new millinery and can be customized (I said the magic woooord) to your liking. And after celebrating my little one’s first birthday last week, I imagined all the Fall birthday parties to come. I sense an October Fairy theme in my future. And….SCENE.


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