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My friend Natalie and I went to “The” Halloween store in Hollywood to see which costumes we could stomach buying for $39.99 (it should go without saying that we denied all the usual suspects like a sexy nurse, a slutty devil and the one we decided is the most played of all, wait for it…..a french maid.) So she is going as The Hangover, complete with an IV of Tequila that we found on some sketchy aisle. And the only thing I spotted that was somewhat rockin’ was a men’s aviation jumpsuit which I will have to style up a bit. And I’m stuffing Xanex in the pockets since I’m such a bad flier. (Funny?) This year my little one, who turns one on Thursday, is going to be Dancing With The Stars. This awesome boa will be part of her costume and no doubt part of her everyday life as it’s made by the all-amazing Atsuyo et Akiko.

Putting together a style and beauty gift guide for GLO has led me to lots and lots of time online in nowhere’s-ville. And since it’s for beauty, accessories, home, kids and guys, you can imagine all the crazy crap I’ve tripped upon. I somehow made a sharp turn from “the coolest charm bracelet for your stylish friend” onto “crazy million dollar modern dollhouse for your architect’s kid” which, I just must share with you. I’ve often revealed my never-ending hunt for a great dollhouse and while I will not be purchasing this one (I did, for a moment contemplate it, though) it is sick in the most over-the-top way. Everything from Eames chairs to lucite candelabras to cowhide area rugs are sold separately making this easily the most expensive non-livable house known to man. BUT, it’s truly, truly, one that can be passed down from generation to generation. Though I bet your daughter’s daughter will think it’s just old-school.

My youngest of three nephews arrived this past Monday (Jasper) and once again, I was left dumb founded by what to buy a Third. Boy. I mean, clothes are out. Toys are out. The older two basically have a library of their own. So I decided to get a gift for their mom, my sister-in-law, which I feel is totally appropriate if there is nothing freakin left to buy the baby. Upon discovering these Jonathan Adler zodiac pillows, I immediately thought how perfect they’d be in a kid’s room. Let me just say that some signs are cuter than others. My Taurus rocks while Jon’s Capricorn….mmm, not so much. And of course when I went, someone was snagging the last Libra at the counter and I had to order mine from Santa Barbara or some place. Really?

*As a side note, I don’t claim to be super original or even resourceful by blogging about Jonathan Adler but I do find these to be excellent newborn gifts!

I think the IPhone is the worst. I find it insulting that it actually has “Phone” in the title because it’s really just a fabulous camera that also does some cool things. My service drops my call, on average, three times a convo which makes using it for work virtually impossible. So I digress….it’s really AT&T that I hate. In fact, this post is a shout-out for my hatred toward AT&T. I have a toilet paper countdown toward the day I can switch back to my beloved Verizon. And until then I think I need to get it a really rad outfit which might justify the heinous service. Luckily Makie, the maker of all gorgoeus childrens clothes, offers this cracked leather case. Now let’s just hope it fits the “4.”

My bestie Jo just had her baby this morning. Sadly, sadly, she lives in New York and so obviously I made her reveal the name to me yesterday (Nathan!) and call me on her way into recovery/second she regains use of her hands from being tied to the operating table. Our joke is that when I moved to LA, I got mad at her because she wasn’t “sad enough.” So being the needy friend I am, I now need special treatment, always. Luckily she gives it to me (see pre-mature name revelation above.) So the real question is, What do I get my very dearest friend’s new son? My idea is to put together a few fun things that I know will be meaningful over the long first few months. For the “fashion” quotient of the gift, I’m loving these mittens, for those Battery Park winters…And I’m so glad she’s loving her new neighborhood because that’s where she’ll be. Everyday.

Today my new nanny commented on how well my kids eat. She said that the children she used to care for would never touch spinich (OK, that would be spinich cakes from Whole Foods and/or Dr. Praeger mini spinich dinos) or whole grains (let’s hear it for Ezekial everything.) Anyway, I felt as if I had won a Nobel prize or something because it’s been a quiet goal of mine to make healthy food enjoyable. Not that Gemma doesn’t smear ice cream across her face with glee when she gets her hands on it, but she does seem to shun a good mac n’ cheese and crispy chicken tender. I think she just likes what she knows?  And while I keep it healthy at home, it’s really a free-for-all at parties and friend’s houses because Iknow I can only control so much. I found these groovy containers which will be great for keeping the right stuff separate.

*But as a side note, my success in the health department is sadly overshadowed by my failure in things like the getting-these-kids-to-sleep department. So I’m not trying to sound like a Know-It-All. Becuase I so don’t.

One of the many amazing things about kids is that they’re little daily pause buttons that force you to stop and take it all in. To say they help you live in the moment is true, although painfully cliched. During a pause over lunch today I thought, “What’s crazy is that we’re in charge of creating their memories right now.”  I’m not saying that they’ll actually remember anything from this age, but you know what I mean. And with that said, I’ve just started looking around for holiday gifts and decided to do fewer gifts this year but more thoughtful ones. I have my eye on this Ann Petit Claire horse for my two year old as I can actually see her looking back on all the fun she’ll have riding it around the house.

My heart officially broke in 2004 when my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. He passed away three years later and I’ve never been the same. When my first daughter was born, my heart filled up with a completely different kind of love and again, I’ve never been the same. Just recently, Gemma discovered her cousin Wyatt’s little guitar and constantly wants to go play with it. She’s into strumming and doesn’t understand that by adding words, you can create a song. But every night before she goes to sleep she makes Jon sing “You Are My Sunshine” which  my dad used to sing to me. I’m not sure if it’s helping me heal or hardens the loss, but the nightly image is pure joy.  This post is an ode to the power of music….and to knowing that a loved one can live on through passed-down songs.

The funny thing about Jon is that he secretly gets obsessed with things too. If he discovers something that peaks his interest enough, he’ll pine over it and stalk it in every which way, much like I will. Luckily he newest fixation is for an artist by which I, too, am fascinated. Her name is Nellie King Solomon and Jon (bless his heart) is already planning a trip to San Fransisco to see her work in person. I said, “Let me think about that, YES.” Now I admit that we’re having an abstact moment in our home, which look perfect alongside Gemma’s “abstracts” (you know how some toddlers are more into Realism….)

Yes, I’m a fan of Paperless Post. In fact, who wouldn’t be? Kids paper invitations are such bullshit. They’re hokey and a waste of money and are never that great (a cut-out of a stupid felt cupcake is like, an extra $5 per card.) But I AM down with the make-your-own-anything. Right now, we’re into the DIY birthday cards (and yes, a circular scribble with a haphazardly placed star sticker constitutes a homemade card.) So when I saw these super chic invites of the same variety, I thought, Now woldn’t that be fun….That is, for a very, very small get-together….


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