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“I want a new rug.” Now sing to the tune of  “I Want A New Drug” by Huey Lewis. That just came to me. I haven’t written in a while due to all my bea-uty deadlines and also because I am busy converting our TV room back into a third bedroom, meaning, a baby room. If I spend one more night of my kids waking eachother up I may just have to hurl myself out the window. So now….I’ve got decorating on the mind. I’ve been obsessing over this rug since I first spotted it in a Euro decor mag. In my mind, it’s in the play room of our *new house* but in reality, it might have to start off in this one. It’s edgy and cool and goes with everything.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Halloween my whole life. There have been the legendary costumes (my friend Ali and I were two trees with a clotheline in the middle, my college crew went as the cast of Rent-complete with headsets stolen from NBC-and my husband and I went as Bennifer during the height of the madness.) And then there were plenty of years when I ignored the holiday completely. Last year I was holed up in the hospital after giving birth to my second daughter which makes me suspect that I’ll be hosting Halloween parties in years to come (yeah, just a few.) However when I heard about these Unicef/FEED Trick Or Treat bags I got back into the spirit. Proceeds provide a year of micronutrients to a child in a developing country. And YOU can finally *treat* yourself to dumping that piece of shit plastic pumpkin snagged from CVS. Done.

One of my many issues is that I tend to obsess over things. Once I find something I want, I will dream about it and how to get it until I make it happen. I can’t seem to let things go (lost loves, grudges, and admitted mistakes, unfortunately included.) If you read this blog you’ll know that I am fixated on finding my kids a fabulous tee-pee but that I’m disappointed by everything in the market. But a few months ago, my friend Stacy told me about Karen Kimmel, who’s an artist extradonnaire with an insane line of stencils for kids (which are so chic, you’d never imagine they’re for tikes.) While reading the Style Section in the Times last Sunday, I came across a huge Crew Cuts ad with the dopest tee-pee I ever did see. The web addresses of the spread’s collaborators were included on the page and you can guess who was involved in the process. Not shocked, I emailed Karen immediately. Next month I am visiting her studio to customize what will hopefully shut me up from now on in. Ahh, a tee-pee of my very own. Wait, I mean, for my kids…..

As Run DMC once said…..”There it is.” The jacket that’s made for sizes 18 mo-6y that you wish came larger. A hundred million sizes larger! I decided that for Rafi’s first birthday I will get her something PRACTICAL, which is a novel concept for me. I’m so bad. “Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good.”

The other day I did the unthinkable. Gemma takes her hip hop class next to my old store and so I wandered in. To the Korean Nail Spa, that is. Yes. That is what YEARS of my blood, sweat and tears has become. And further more, bitches had the audacity to keep my $10,000 Fromental wallpaper for their huge massage room. Or they just have very exquisite taste, obvs. My custom doors were there too, the ones I spent days mapping out with my interior designer. It was hard to be back in that space for the first time with remnants of my old life. Because it was my life for a while. But its been a year and a half and I’ve moved on, as did my ex-partner, who is, and will hopefully always be a dear friend. I found these Acne Papers at Little Fashion Gallery. We had stacks of them in my shop because we sold the Swedish brand Acne and I forgot how weird/cool/bizarre/NOT me they are….But I love them, miss them.

Parents have selective memory. My mom claims my brother and I never woke eachother up while sharing a small Manhattan bedroom. Really? Because I call bullshit on that. My kids wake eachother up every second. It’s become their favorite pasttime. The second that Gemma asks to have her feet tucked in (or to turn the light on, or to cover up her dollies, etc), Rafi pops up and starts wailing. This happens throughout the night. Jon and I want to hurl ourselves (or at times one another) out the window. I’m all for self-empowerment and suggested we convert the TV room back into the third bedroom. So now I’m in decorating mode. Splashy and fun, I want some color like this groovy chair for Raf while she cries herself silly. Or should I say, sleeps peacefully in silence….

I haven’t written in a while, mostly because I’ve been in a crazy transition period of hiring new childcare while I’m trying to write a ton of beauty pieces. My life feels super unbalanced, which is when I am least happy. My ideal mix is kids+work+social life+family+alone time. But alas, that list has been chopped into kids+work for the past few weeks. The culmination was last night, when my two year came down with a terrible cold, insisted on sleeping in my bed with me, (Jon sojourned to the couch) and literally kept me up all. night. long. Meaning, I looked at the clock and at 5:30 AM I still hadn’t fallen asleep. Blurry-eyed, I continue to feel a bit unfocused…..Which is why this whimsical, over-priced coloring book spoke to my desperate need for escapism.

I’m feeling uninspired. Probably because I am delirious. My day was spent juggling two kids and then trying to freelance/find a new nanny/catch-up-on emails/eat in the two hour coordinated nap period. Oh yeah. But one kid wouldn’t nap. So that would be the fifteen minute coordinated nap schedule. It’s days like this where I want to hide in a bed (like that would ever happen…..ever again.) But I am pretty sure this is what my next bedroom will look like. The colors sing. The D. Porthault bedding is elegant. The wallpaper is divine. I just might knock the whole freakin thing off. That is, unless, I become inspired between now and then….


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