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I couldn’t tell you who planted the seed but for years I’ve been convinced that Bose headphones are synonymous with luxury travel. I’ve been “meaning” to get them for some time now…..You know, to casually toss in my oversized Hermes carry-on. But I never seem to make that happen as there is always something else that’s further up on my shopping list. Last night, some friends and I went to Chromeo/Chemical Brothers and the former has been in my head all day (Bonafide Love, if you’re a fan.) And then today, stuck at the computer, I thought how nice it would be if I could jam out on my mega Bose and not have to disturb the sleeping kids. I don’t know….Maybe I’ll buy them after I get my oversized Hermes carry-on.

Recently we’re having a hard time getting Gemma to go to sleep quietly (it’s always some new demand) and it’s begging the dreaded question, “Is it time for a bed?” I’ve heard all the stories: the kid walks in on you guys, the kid wanders out the back door, and the kid jumps onto the stove and sits beside a lit burner (that one was actually my Princeton-grad cousin when he was young.) But oh the joy of decorating a bed. The pillows. The blankets. The dolls. These Zef sheets are so perfectly whimsical, and (I’ve always believed that) blue is neutral enough for any color scheme. And…….the starry pattern just might encourage those zzzz’s.

This entry is an homage to my nanny. She’s the best nanny on the planet….When she shows up, that is! She’s missed close to 80 days in the past two years (that’s right) which leaves me with many, many days of juggling two babies. I have perspective-it’s fine-I work from home. But! When both kids are so small and tugging at your legs, vying for attention, helping one on the potty while holding the other…..Let’s just say that a happily decorated room adds a great deal to all that time at home. These poufs, from one of my favorite designers, Donna Wilson, are just the punch of color needed to surround hours of spinning, pretend cooking and of course, dancing. And can obviously be transferred to the TV room in a pinch. They come in a few colors. Longing…

My friend Jamie recently moved back from London which she used as a launching pad for excursions to Africa, Mongolia and (obv) Paris. At dinner the other night, she presented me with the most darling little dresses for my girls which she picked up in Paris. A welcome break from the trend-driven looks that are loved in the States (Jeggings for babies. Really?) these dresses looked as if they were cut from a table cloth by a chic old lady in the South of France. And while I couldn’t find a good enough visual for my new Frenchie ensembles, I have another new obsession, which is of equal psychotic fixation….Let’s just say that if I still had my store, Olympia Le-Tan would be a designer that I would rightfully stalk. Her “book bags” (slender clutches that look like bound books) can only be found at the dreamy and oh-so-French, Colette.

I’m in the midst of toilet training and I want to hurl myself out a window. Things went swimmingly for three days and then today was two giant steps back. But now I am so over diapers so it’s Go Time. I’ve found this awesome Dutch brand, Milibe, and I swear it’s like lingerie for kids. (But in the cutest, most appropriate way possible.) Specifically, the little pointelle tanks and matching briefs are so sweet. But if Gem is anything like me, she’ll shun all lingerie (including the couture-ish Rosa Mosario pair I was gifted while an editor) for American Apparel basics.

Sometimes I think about what furniture I’ll take with me to my next house and what will be left behind. It’s pretty much come down to pieces with meaning: the Italian Deco end tables we found on our honeymoon in Istanbul (which Jon spent three hours packing in a Turkish DHL,) an over-sized shell mirror (which I spent six months worth of freelance checks on,) kelly green glass lamps from the ’50s (the first decorative pieces we bought as a couple which we inconveniently had shipped from ABC Carpet to our LA home,) and a 1920’s black lacquer desk that served as my check-out counter in my store for two years. And while my taste has since evolved, I know that the glammy desk will find its way into my next house as I just can’t let go of its nostalgic purpose. BUT, if I were to start anew, I might just go for this brand new Jonathan Adler piece….The burled wood and lucite combo can’t be beat.

This morning my hip-hopper daughter who will only refer to herself in the third person said, “Mommy, can Gemma have some money?” (Insert a hundred sarcastic replies here.) Regardless, we’ve been collecting pennies for the ahem, Tiffany’s piggy bank that someone who doesn’t know us very well gave us so that we can buy stickers (because we don’t have enough of that in this house….I mean, we could collage an entire wall.) I found this really chic French line called Vilac that I am obsessed with and they make this funky money box that is more our speed. Maybe when we graduate to quarters….

My friend Jennie just got back from Morocco and so now I have North Africa on m’mind (natch!) I’ve always been a fan of the vintage Moroccan wedding blankets but got turned off when Calypso started carrying them years ago. Now, my fixation has been re-kindled as I find myself desperately searching for a spot in my house to drape a giant, sequined masterpiece. But my “blanket wardrobe” has gotten the best of me and not only are there no more flat surfaces left, I fear it will live in my linen closet with a super thick Marc Jacobs cashmere throw and stripey Scholten & Baijings number I bought for Gemma’s big girl bed. But when I’m ready, I found Maryam, the best resource.

Last week I tripped upon a Wool and the Gang store in Soho. WHAT?! They have a store?! Go. Knitting. I eye-d all the groovy kits, tried to convince myself that I could learn despite my shitty dexterity, and then gravitated toward the pre-made tanks and bra tops. I mean, just let the pros do it for you, right? Of course I fell for an over-sized canvas bag with an illustration of a girl knitting but at the risk of looking like the biggest poser, refrained. Babies, however, will love these WATG balls which are just about the chicest baby toys I’ve ever seen….

When the weather in New York is gorgeous, there’s no reason to be anywhere else. This past week I realized how much I miss my peeps with their nails-on-chalkboard accents (“can I get low-fat scallion ca-ream cheese, plaaase?”) and their aggressive Blackberry usage. I love the person you (can) become when you’re raised in New York and often question my raising the girls in Los Angeles. But when I start to worry that they won’t have an edge I just think about my friend Courtney, whom we just visited in the Hamptons, who was raised in Los Angeles but has a bona-fide bitchness that makes a New Yorker like me proud. She gives me hope that my California girls will still be able to rock a good insult. This weekend she introduced me to  Ella’s Organic squeezables, which has the cutest packaging of any baby food I’ve seen. I looked for it when I got home, but of course I’m in LA…’s not sold here.


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