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We’re off to the Hamptons tomorrow with a two year old to whom I promised I’d help collect shells. I bought her this bag to represent a piece of LA madness while we comb the shore.  I used to do the-back-and forth New York/Los Angeles thing every few weeks when I was first dating my husband and now it feels like the trip is the production of a lifetime. Do we have enough pajamas. Don’t forget the star blanket. Charge the DVD player. We’ll need more snacks. It’s like on and on…..And the forecast is……

This week I am featured on Pint Size Social, a super cute and very informative online magazine for kids. They are in the early stages of launching a Pop-Up shop (brilliant) because they trip upon really cool stuff that can’t  be justified through just an editorial write-up. One of the kick-off items are these alphabet cups.  Hate, hate, hate ugly shit. And so these stylish little cups are a great addition to any closet/drawer/pantry so you can whip them out for parties, group dinners and play dates. Plus, they are great for restaurants as they’ll chew up a good seven to ten minutes of “spelling time” before the entrees arrive.

Macaroon Original in Pint Size Social

JULY 27TH, 2010


Zoe fills us in on a few of her favorite things

There’s always one in the crowd, you know her. She’s THAT mom. Always pulled together, her kids are dressed perfectly without being too uptight and you wonder, how does she do it? What keeps her going? To get to the bottom of it, we chatted with Zoe Schaeffer, mom of two and current LA resident about a few of her local favorite things. And, if you love her picks as much as we do, continue reading about her daily obsessions on her uber plugged in blog, Macaroon Original.

Brunch Spot:
I always bring friends visiting from New York to The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotelbecause it’s so vintage LA. The McCarthy Chopped Salad and a glass of white wine by the pool on a hot day is the best. It’s the perfect grown-up lunch spot.

Park or playground:
We love the playground at the Malibu Country Mart because there is a huge, shaded sandbox that keeps the kids busy for hours. Afterward we shop for accessories at the nearby Crew Cuts and then eat the most delicious turkey burgers from Malibu Kitchen.

Guilty pleasure:
Terri Lawton facials are indulgent but worth it. She’s Demi Moore’s skin-fixer, need I say more?

Activity with your kids:
We just discovered Blueberry picking at Underwood Farms. I make sure to go with other East Coasters who also grew up picking fruit in fields! And the kids love the fun tractor rides.

OK on Third Street is really well-curated. They have the sickest book selection I’ve ever seen, hundreds of Comme des Garcons wallets and old-school toys like legos and comics. It’s quirky but super tasteful.

Kids clothing store:
Lately I’ve been hooked on Eggy, which just opened near my house. In the land of trendy, this shop carries really sophisticated brands like Kico and Maragnes that could be confused for Marni. And I stock up on the one-of-a-kind kimono hair clips.

Cold/Rainy weather activity:
I grab a friend and we shuttle them to Treehouse Social, a spacious indoor playroom on Robertson. It breaks my heart that they are closing because then it’s going to be about Elmo. All day. Until the rain stops.

Warm weather activity:
The Huntington Gardens in Pasadena is so special. The Children’s Garden has water bells and marble jets that captivate little ones. And the property as a whole is so perfectly manicured, you feel as if you are in a fairytale.

Dinner spot w kids:
Cheebo in Hollywood is the best. There are crayons, board games and everything is organic-even the Toddler Menu. But the music is amazing and the crowd’s super artsy so you never feel as if you are settling for a random kid-friendly spot.

Drinks w friends:
The patio at The Little Door Next Door is my go-to when I want to relax with a friend over a glass of wine. It’s an off-shoot of the beloved Little Door but is more of a lovely French cafe that belongs in New York. It makes me feel right at home in my fabulous adopted city.

For the crazies who need every single thing in the house to look good, check this out. Alice Supply Co makes these groovy everyday necessities like plungers, hammers, brooms and these random but rockin’ ping pong paddles. It’s the stuff that you probably don’t want to spend your money on, but once the cool camo dust pan is whipped out (instead of the gangster one from the hardware store-you know the type) I think you’ll feel justified.

I met Jen Fisher years ago while I was still living in New York and she was about to marry a dear friend’s brother-in-law (you follow?) A few years later, she became the girl who could rock a cropped fur coat while pregnant and look totally appropriate in doing so. And then soon after that she debuted her charm-driven jewelry collection that was perfectly in step with her great sense of style.  But the line goes well beyond the dreadful “letter on circle pendant.” There are studded bar necklaces, black diamonds, gypsy finger rings and shit that looks like Old English. Basically, her mix n’ match necklaces are the only chic way (I’ve found, so far) to do the “kids initial” thing while really maintaining your coolness. Finally.

My hi-lar-i-ous friend Daryl says that we, cool girls (especially we, cool writers) like to use a single verb as an entire sentence. Like: “Love.” or “Obsessed.”  It’s so true…..isn’t one emphatic word enough when you want to describe something fabulous? I am partial to the single adjective as an entire sentence. Like: “Sick.” or “Beyond.” But that’s just me. So in conveying my adoration for these Atsuyo et Akiko wings (which I am buying for my very cool friends Darren and Candace’s daughter for her first birthday, I decided) there are few ways other than to be absurdly simple (and what some clearly find just absurdly annoying.) So below….the perfect find for your edgiest friend’s kid…..Insane.

I know. I have so many posts about blankets on this Blog, it’s stupid. Apparently, I’m building a blanket wardrobe: for different seasons, different moods, different sizes (you know….if I’m feeling bloated one day.) There are so many good ones and too few rooms. My new find are these frasadas. Though they’re not necessarily my ultimate taste as individuals, they look super dope when stacked. And……they can also be used as a thick rug, which I’m loving for a play room.

This is an ode to my new friends Holly and Hadley at Tada! Shop, where I am a guest editor this week. Imagine a super cool search engine (much like ShopStyle but better in every way-and for kids!) where you can easily access gets from all the best stores like Crewcuts, Estella, Olive Juice and Sweet William. It might become your go-to for presents as well as they have a fab Gift Guide section. Some good stuff I found: colorful Bobo Choses backpacks, Milibe pointelles, Monster Republic tees and all the crazy Hansa animals that I’m so into right now. I promise you’ll be surfing around for longer than you’ll want to admit.

I just spent four hours transferring my whole effing blog from Tumblr to Word Press. New day, new template, I guess. I’m feeling good about my new home….Hello! Now you can leave comments.

My sister-in-law is moving tomorrow and has millions and trillions of book shelves to fill, a task I find daunting. I feel as if your are supposed to put items you’ve collected over a lifetime on “those shelves” but who has that many tchotchkes? I was with her when she found a cool silver skull…so there’s one! I can’t remember how I found these awesome little Mibo DIY animals but they are so rad that I imagine they are the perfect items to jam into cubbies or place on top of books in a kid’s room. They look wicked-hard to assemble but once they are made you’ve got yourself some great looking room accessories! The owls are ridiculous too.

My friend from Vogue was rocking a Prada backpack last Fall, before the trend fired up (natch.) Now, it’s an all-out rager. They’re ef-rywhere, to quote Billy Jean. I find myself coveting an odd choice: a floral, sateen style from J. Crew. My husband thinks I’m the worst. But luckily, there are tons of new backpacks for kids (yeah, because they actually need them!) My favorite one from Bobo Choses, sold out, but here is my newest find (from April Showers), a company which I’ve been watching closely.


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