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Zoe Schaeffer and her two-year-old daughter, Gemma. See her online picks in the gallery below.

If you’ve got children, or know anyone who does, make sure the new blog is on your radar. Former magazine editor and owner of LA’s now shuttered, uber hip Presse boutique, Zoe Schaeffer decided to start the site after giving birth to her second daughter. “A lot of my fashion-y mom friends became newfound nesters,” she says. “When it came to finding stylish stuff, there seemed to be a real void here in LA, and I found myself cherry-picking off the cool online stores.” From baby Isabel Marant to vegan cookie dough, now serves as a richly curated selection of her favorite toddler and home décor finds. Here, Schaeffer shares some of her LA secrets and her latest online obsessions.

ELLE: What are your daughters’ names?

Zoe Schaeffer: Gemma, who’s two. And Rafael (Rafi), who is four months.

ELLE: Where do you live in LA?

Schaeffer: West Hollywood

ELLE: Why did you name the site Macaroon Original?

Schaeffer: It’s an ode to my sweet tooth and, in my opinion, the most stylish treat.

ELLE: What is your two-year-old really into these days?

Schaeffer: Dressing up and puppets. And the sand box at the Malibu Lumber Yard!

ELLE: Describe your own style.

Schaeffer: It’s about comfort for day (American Apparel leggings, Acne t-shirts, Burberry brogues) and big-time dressing for night (Proenza Schouler statement jackets, Bruce volume blouses, Dries van Noten heels and scarves). There’s no more room for in between.

ELLE: Favorite baby gift to give?

Schaeffer: You can’t beat gifting someone a session with a super cool photographer. It’s a beautiful way to capture a family portrait and it’s so worth every penny. I love, love LA-based Meeno Peluce ( No posed portraits here!

ELLE: Best restaurant to take little kids to?

Schaeffer: I love Lemonade, which has spots in West Hollywood and Venice. The service is really fast. Everything is chopped up super small. And there are four different flavors of lemonade on any given day—even a sugar-free kind for the mamas.

ELLE: Best-kept LA secret for children?

Schaeffer: Eco Station in Culver City. It’s an exotic wildlife rescue center for birds, reptiles, and wildcats. It’s better than any zoo! And it teaches kids about environmental responsibility.

ELLE: Best cultural activity?

Schaeffer: Ziggy Marley does a family concert that’s wildly popular here. I’m convinced that kids inherently love a reggae beat.

ELLE: What did you recently buy your own girls?

Schaeffer: I’m starting a collection of really special, one-of-a-kind dolls that I know my girls will appreciate when they’re a bit older.

Macaroon Original on Planet Awesome Kid

PEOPLE LET ME TELL YOU…..I work hard every day.  All day long, and sometimes all night too.

I take little breaks often during the day.  I am constantly looking for things that inspire, entertain, amuse, educate, make me smile or laugh, or just make me say, wow, that’s dope!

I found Macaroon Original last week, and I just love it.  It’s a website dedicated to all things cool and stylish for home, baby and mamma (and pappa too!).  I asked founder Zoe Schaeffer a few questions, and here is what she had to say:

Tell me 5 things we need to know about you + Macaroon Original

  1. I used to own a super hot boutique in LA that was a casualty of the recession. Over night I went from being a hard-core business owner to a stay-at-home mom. Talk about an identity crisis!
  2. Macaroon is for style-obsessed girls like me who are new-found nesters and want the coolest finds for their kids. Most of us still work like mad or are too busy with the babies to browse boutiques‑think of me as your personal shopper for all-things chic baby and home.
  3. My current dream is to help design a sick tee-shirt line for kids. They would be styles that mamas would wear if they were to be super-sized.
  4. I’m a New York transplant who’s been living in LA for seven years. My family moved out here after me and now I’m depressed that I no longer have roots in my favorite city…. And while I really love California life, I will freak out if my daughters have accents with “long a’s!”
  5. After I had kids my entire world view changed. My depth of compassion has reached new heights. I know I would do anything for a fellow parent in need.

Tell me why we cannot go one day without reading your blog

I intend for Macaroon to be a souped-up “Blog Store” where I still discover and edit the market for the most amazing things for my “customers.” It’s my answer to having another boutique without having to pay rent!

Tell me the dopest places to go with kids in LA

1)    Fit for Kids, the spot to take your kids for gym. They do zip-lining, roller-racing and all kinds of crazy stuff.

2)    Anenberg Beach House really changed the landscape of summer life in LA. It’s abeautiful public beach with fun fountains for kids to stomp around in and delicious family food like veggie burgers and fruit salad.

3)    Larchmont Farmer’s Market is our Sunday go-to. An old-school Rastafarian performs his reggae beats and sets out maracas and drums so the kids to join along. And it’s across the street from Sam’s Bagels‑the only legit bagel place in LA!

4)     The Japanese nurseries on Sawtelle are a beautiful spot to let your little one pick out some flowers to plant. They have every species under the sun and the kids can help wheel around the plant cart.

Tell me your five favorite kids clothing brands/stores and why

  1. I love Atsuyo et Akiko for their “shout out” tees and charming jewelry. They also make these beautiful feather “wings” which are a must for any girl’s dress-up stash.
  2. Makie is the ultimate in clean, elegant and sophisticated clothes for tots. The fabric is gorgeous‑and it’s priced accordingly.
  3. Bobochoses is funky, playful and hard-to-find. I haven’t seen much of it in the States but it’s huge in Paris.
  4. I swear by Crewcuts for everyday apparel. J. Crew has a brilliant styling team and they are masters at mixing up girlie and tomboy.
  5. Wovenplay feels like it’s from another world. All the clothes are borderline costumes. I especially love the retro sunsuits and the “toe shoe” leggings.

My favorite stores are Sweet William in Brooklyn, Lost and Found in Hollywood, and Smallable in Paris.

Thank you Zoe……..You are the dopeness.


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