For as long as I can remember, my friend Liz has been talking about creating a product to shove in your kids hair that would make it Marge Simpson-esque. Years ago, she demonstrated her idea for me with a Poland Spring bottle. I thought she had gone mad. Cut to: she’s selling it on Amazon! Perfectly coined “Pophead,” it comes in three punchy colors that are all different heights. Girls who love to pile it on (meaning, everyone) will fancy the snap-in jewels coming out next month. Think Crocs, but way more glam, and for your head. Now that’s what I call a good hair day!

In the spirit of the outdoorsy, wilderness-claiming Coachella (shout-out to many annoying Instagram pics,) I am writing about The Forest Feast, a brand new gorgeous veggie cook book. It is exactly what my cook book would look like if I were a talented chef/nutritionist/reality star. The author, Erin Gleeson, was a food photographer and stylist for the New York Times, which gives her some serious art direction cred. The recipes are arriving on Tuesday so on Wednesday I will be making sage chips, dates with honey lavender goat cheese and clementine cakes. Sounds like the perfect Post-Palm Desert Picks. Or rather, Sad-I-Missed-the-Madness Munchies.
forest feast

I’m experiencing major wanderlust after being away for a few days in Utah with the kids. Realizing that it’s all about the get-aways, I planned about six trips within the past four days (a special Hacienda in Mexico, a cherry blossom trip to Kyoto, a Sofia Coppola villa in an Italian hilltop town, and finally, the always-beautfiul and somewhat-local Lake Tahoe). I decided that I could be happy staying in this house forever so long as we can get a few special scenery changes each year. Below, a sweet handmade doll from one of my favorite artists, Mathilde de Turckheim, that looks as if it could have been sewn in France, Germany or maybe even the borough of Brooklyn. mathilde SW

Attention crazy-ass gift-givers: I recently found these Into The Wild baby mocs and thought, what a blessed gift for a newbie. They have all all the elements that I look for in a first pair of shoes: a wrap-around leather strap, a Native American flair, and a peacock plume. Perfection. Get a pair for your coolest pal’s bebe and watch them dangle while she’s toting him or her around. Plus, these aren’t gender-specific so they’ll last beyond the first kid. Especially because noone is actually walking in them. intothewild

A friend from school and I admitted to one another that we aren’t ashamed about loving our weekday work-outs. We’re with the kids all day so it’s a necessary hour of Barry’s Bootcamp (her), and spin/pilates (me). The challenge: looking good during drop-off when running to a 9:30 class. Well…challenge accepted. My very old friend Robyn recently launched Live The Process, the sickest work-out wear I’ve seen to date. There are ballet-inspired bodysuits (skinny mothas can throw on jeans and call it an outfit), and also very chic nude-toned capri tights. My favorite? The “gym clutch” for the off-days when you have to take a nighttime class.

Chris Rios, a very cool mom stylist at Sally Hershberger introduced me to my latest obsession: Kid & Coe, a site that features family-friendly residences from places like Lake Tahoe but also Tel Aviv. And while I can’t vouch for one of their properties (yet), I’ve been speaking to the lovely owner of a mini-paradise in the Cotswalds for a potential add-on to our summer trip to England. (See below for an example of a gorge London rental). Let’s just say that if I knew how to make those heart icons things, I would.

***And! Now that I am Instagram-happy along with every other narcissist, I invite you to join me (Zoe Schaeffer) for more cool-mom-fun and finds. #needtobevalidated #artdirectyourlife #pleaselikemyshit #butitsreallyfun!


I love when my friends get creative. And right now I’m digging these starburst ball studs from my girl of almost twenty years, Sarah Hendler. The other style I’m coveting – a pink sapphire studded heart ring – would make the best push present for some lucky new mama (it’s really too bad this shop is closed). And with a brand new addition to her super hip fam (dad is chef Vinny Dotolo, a star in his own right), SH has lots of time to dream up some more beautiful, vintage inspired pieces. And by dream, I mean not dream because she’s not sleeping.shendler

I’ve stayed at my mom’s house throughout various ailments and recoveries over the past six years and it’s akin to staying at the loveliest Bed & Breakfast. Everything is super crisp, and cool Cali air wafts through the guest bedroom windows. Plus, you get three spa-like meals. An example would be a just-made fluffy oatmeal pancake and morning almond milk cap. These sunny carafes and glasses from Esque Studio are just the gift for a hospitible hostess. I’ll take the mandarin orange one in the orchid wallpaper-clad room along with some alkaline water, thanks!
pitcher and cup set aha life

I’m gearing up for my first big gala of the school year. Event locale: Hollywood speakeasy. Theme: Roaring 20s. Borrowed blush-toned fringe dress? Check. Grandma’s fur cape? Check. Vintage Christian Dior liquid gold turban? Check. Oh wait. Perhaps I should swap that last one in favor of my daughter’s Tutu du monde sequined headpiece that’s shades of Daisy Buchanan. Tight around the scalp, yes, but it will feel a lot looser after a drink. lovechild

I desperately wanted a school with uniforms for my girls, partly because I like to wear the same thing everyday. My winter months “mom ‘form” usually consists of some sort of easy top, Acne jeans and very old silver Les Prairie des Paris brogues. They’re a huge step up from my high tops and are more comfy than ankle boots with any sort of heel. So imagine my surprise when I found these Anais and I mini me versions. Now will they survive PE? Pro’lly not. But if worn everyday then maybe they’ll learn to kick a rubber ball or two. oxford sweet william


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